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How to do a cheap(ish) upgrade on a stryfe? What to do? (I am a beginn

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Posted 21 October 2018 - 09:32 PM


I want to do my first mod on a flywheel blaster, and I have selected the stryfe as I have heard great things about it. My main complaint is rev time and fall of on repeat shots, what would fix this? Also where do I buy materials and for how much? What battery upgrades are necessary? The list goes on and on... I do not have lots of money to spend on this right now, so the cheaper the option the better(obviously still being a worth while upgrade). I have heard good things about worker flywheel kits, but most of them are $50 plus. I found this one https://www.ebay.com...6.c100935.m2460for about $10 on eBay, and it says it's worker, does this look like a scam? Also I have heard about many different batteries, which ones would work well but still be wallet-friendly?

Thanks in advance.
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Posted 22 October 2018 - 10:39 AM

Rev time: you fix this with a rewire (bigger wire gauge and fewer switches for a cleaner circuit) and battery pack. All are available a number of places, but foamblast and outofdart’s shops are in the US and hobby specific.

Looking at OOD’s shop, a basic pack-battery (NOT AA-size cells; those aren’t a good option), voltage meter/alarm (to let you know it’s time to stop using the battery and start charging it, to prevent damage to the pack), and charger will run ~$32.

For the rewire, assuming you’ve got a soldering iron and related tools, you need wire, a micro switch (the $2 clones are fine), heat shrink, and an XT60 (or the matching lead of your battery). Again on OOD’s Shop, you’re looking at $8.50 or so, and you’ll probably have left over wire and heat shrink.

Once you have a battery charger ($20-60), you should never need to buy one again, so although it’s a high initial cost the cost per blaster goes down. You could also split the cost of a charger with friends until you all feel the need to own your own. If you need to operate more than one blaster at once, you’ll need another battery and alarm, but total using stock motors/wheels/cage would be something like $16.

Upgrading the motors/wheels/cage is where things can get expensive. Wheels and a cage cost around $30 together for printed OFP cages. Plan to upgrade motors as the stock ones will burn out on upgraded power. Be aware that some motors are 2s and some are 3s, if you have a preference buy a battery that matches and can provide the current your future motor selection will require now so you aren’t rebuying a battery. Current supply is figured out by the rating of all the motors in your system (eg: 2xValkryies at 14 Amps each is 28 Amps), then find the mAh or Ah number on your pack. Convert mAh to Ah by moving the decimal three places (1500 mAh = 1.5 Ah), then multiply that number by the “C-rating” also on the pack (eg: 25C*1.5 Ah=32.5A).

If you ever plan to do the wheels and cage, do them at the same time to reduce the number of times you need to pull the wheels off and install them. Installing and removing wheels can damage them so doing it once is best.

I’m not a fan of the worker kits because they’re expensive and unknown quality. I priced it out one time and it’d be about the same to buy all the parts yourself from OOD, but he provides specifications so you know what you’re getting and you have product support if something goes wrong.
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