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Whole weekend style games?

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#1 ComradeSch



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Posted 04 August 2018 - 09:23 PM

Not sure if this has been done, please correct me if this is the case, and, not sure how feasible it'd be, but maybe at some point, someone could take the idea of a standard round and extend it to a multi-day long one, sort of combining the rules of engagement in team deathmatch with the around-the-clock, and long-term scenario posed by HvZ (except no zombies)?

I personally think it'd be kind of interesting to have a situation in which your players camped out over a weekend and had to deal with the "danger" of other players coming at their camp at night, and how, if this became common like HvZ, how people's loadouts and blaster choices would be affected.

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#2 Daniel Beaver

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Posted 05 August 2018 - 06:48 PM


not sure how feasible it'd be

Multi-day scenario games are a very involved thing to organize, unless you just go out with some buddies on private land and make it up as you go

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#3 Meaker VI

Meaker VI


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Posted 06 August 2018 - 11:48 AM

Some of my theory on how to make vehicles, actual 'snipers', and other nominally impractical but frequently asked about ideas only really work in a setup like this. It'd have to be a huge area, like a college campus, city, or wilderness, and to work well it'd need to be organized. You'd probably need to run it so that there were respawn zones that players would need to setup and take down, and victory would be accomplished when one team had forced the other team(s) into a certain limited area or conquered all the spawn zones. If done in a campus or city the 'camping' would probably be in player's residences and it frequently wouldn't work to attack them there, though you could incentivize setting up watches over the spawn points to get the same effect (just don't specify play hours and players will figure out they can capture spawnpoints when no one is watching).


I can also see how that'd get dull if you have too many spawnpoints/controlpoints over too large an area or with too few players, so really put thought into the player count vs. area vs. points or setting up different rules alltogether (capture/collect the objects, delivery, king of the point, etc.). Combine several normal rule types at certain times with an underlying background ruleset to make a mission - eg: on wednesday, collect hidden pizza boxes and make pizzas so that: on thursday, deliver the pizza to an opponents spawn without being shot to capture. Destroy permanently a spawnpoint by delivering a found giant black box to the point and covering the point with it.


Anyway, it'd require some thought, planning, experimentation, and organization. It's possible it'd work great, but the trouble is getting enough people interested enough to try this totally new thing when they could also be doing HvZ and they already enjoy that. Converting an existing HvZ group might be the easiest tack.




Or you could just do total-elimination TDM Dart Warz style, which is essentially what you're asking about but typically not organized well and usually ends up a disastrous black-mark on our hobby.

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