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Posted 20 February 2018 - 02:03 PM

I will let you guys decide on which weapon for me to mod. The reason for this is my lack of nerf gun modding knowledge. If anyone knows something its you guys. I know its a lot to want to mod but I dont know how to pick one or at most, five. That is why I am putting this on here to know how to mod a gun and which one to do. I will also take suggestions for the future for the next most commented gun.

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#2 Meaker VI

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Posted 20 February 2018 - 04:02 PM


None of those.


"The Best" depends on your goals:


For stock wars (~100 FPS), anything Rival cannot be beat. High accuracy, good power from every blaster in the line; some are the highest capacity blasters Nerf has ever released and even the highest anyone (but me) can match in any foam format. Full/semi auto are available.


For superstock (~100-130 FPS), Rival can compete but starts being beat out by darts. A spring-swapped Boomco M6 (or other farshoot-derivitive) is the highest accuracy blaster you can get without substantial mods, but is a single-shot sidearm. The Zuru Turbo Advance and Buzzbee Magnum Superdrum are great scavenger springers that use massive turrets instead of mags. A Retaliator or Recon mkII is a solid mag-fed springer that can be made pump action and hits superstock numbers with just a spring swap. A Stryfe (or similar) will provide reliable mag-fed semi-auto and a Rapidstrike reliable full auto; other flywheel blasters perform the same or worse but all will require a full rewire and new battery system to work in that range. Hammershots make decent sidearms if you need one.


For ultrastock (~130-180 FPS), Rival is no longer as competitive excepting the very high capacity and accuracy it brings. The M6 is still good, a Retaliator or Recon II can be upgraded into this range with more work, drop-in kits still exist to bring the blaster to this range but to be competitive will probably be just as expensive as the Caliburn, listed later. The stryfe and rapidstrike (and derivitives) have a harder time getting this kind of power, but it can be done with advancements in motor, cage, and wheel technology. Expect to spend $50 or more just in those parts to get a competitive blaster. The Caliburn by our very own Captain Slug is the premier pump-action springer in this range, getting ~200 FPS for $~140 assembled (or less as a kit, or much less if you can print your own parts). It replaces the Longshot which used to fill the same role, but to build a longshot that performs as well as a caliburn will probably cost more.


Beyond that, Flywheels are no longer effective or are experimental. The M6 is still capable of shooting lasers, but other blasters can hit harder and further so it looses it's clear advantage (fortuneately, it's a sidearm so having one around isn't a big deal). The Caliburn is capable of being pressed further, though sealed springers and pneumatics start to make more sense. Nothing here is stock, you'd need to entirely DIY it.


Now, for your pictured blasters:

  • Vulcan is interesting as a chain-fed AEG, but that's really it. It can't be made to perform that well easily.
  • Centurion is a pile of garbage except that it has a nice looking shell.
  • Recon is terrible, the Recon Mk II or Retaliator (derivitives of the shell of the recon) are great. Some people have put modern Retaliator internals into rare Recon shells, but that's all they're good for.
  • Slingfire (I think?) - I've heard they're ok as a curiosity, but not as good as a Sentinel if you need lever action.
  • Roughcut - an ok blaster stock, can't really be modded because it uses gears.
  • Triad - A fine sidearm/holdout blaster
  • Elite Alpha Trooper - Used to be preferred until the Retaliator and pump action kits came out.
  • Barrel Break - Don't know enough to say, probably ok as a gimmick but not special.
  • Rampage - Ok unless it's the Raider which looks basically the same looking but terrible. Retaliator is easier to upgrade.
  • Mastadon - A great big MEGA blaster. That is all.
  • Jolt - A fine sidearm/holdout blaster, great for New York Reloading.
  • Longshot - Already went over it. A great platform, expensive to upgrade.
  • Zombie shot IDK - there are a few blasters with multiple turrets. Mostly gimmicky, sometimes the turret rotation mechs break.
  • Stockade - An oddball flywheel blaster. It'll take significant mods to make very useful, it doesn't use modern standard mod parts.
  • Longstrike - Basically a recon in a nice shell. Not high performance unless you basically just replace everything inside.
  • Sharpfire - A large jolt
  • Cycloneshock - Ok as a mega blaster, great if you rebarrel it for elite-sized darts

And a note on darts:

  • Elites are terrible, but elite-sized darts are fine. Order them online; you can get knock-off accustrike darts for like $0.04 each. These darts can hit the highest FPS of any type we use.
  • Mega as a dart is pretty useless IMO, it packs a bit more punch but that's it.
  • HIRs are fine, but expensive. Knock-off rounds exist but are rumored to not work in all blasters well. Pretty much top out at stock rival blaster velocities; much beyond that they become unstable.
  • Boomco Straws are the best in terms of accuracy, and get good range/velocity. They just only work in Boomco blasters, and because of their design, aren't easy to build homemades for.

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#3 Alexander780



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Posted 21 February 2018 - 09:20 AM

Thank you for your opinion, I will keep these in mind!
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