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On the Worker Prophecy and Accufake Stefans?

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Posted 24 September 2017 - 10:47 AM

Heya there,


Honest technical question. I'm thinking of getting a Worker Prophecy, with the extended plunger tube, Stefan chambering, and Worker hex mags. Question is if the darts I'm working with will get the higher-FPS preformance out of the high-power Stefan-caliber Prophecy with a Scar barrel?

https://www.monkeemo...r-shell-package Package D plunger with extended plunger tube and Stefan breech, MCX kit, F10555 pump kit, slanted transparent AFG, Worker collapsible and foldable buffer tube and stock. https://www.monkeemo...ling-muzzle-0.5 This is going to be my Scar Barrel. And yes, I expect a drop in FPS from using a Scar barrel. I'm talking getting something like under 100FPS using Stefans instead of the 160-180 I would expect from just using a Scar barrel.

Here are the darts: http://www.lightake....ck_2266574.html

They're knock-off Accustrikes cut to Stefan length and apparently some people report the Prophecy, in its full-length breech, doesn't like Accustrikes, but the Stefan-caliber Prophecy seems to like these Sweet Oranges/nipple tip stefans.


TL;DR, will the dart fit for Accustrike slugs in the stefan-breech Worker Prophecy be a problem, or is the problem only with stock-length Accustrike darts in a stock-length Prophecy?

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Posted 24 September 2017 - 12:02 PM

I do not own a Prophecy nor have seen one in person. I do have experience with exPT retaliators and the like. I like to think that I've stayed up to date with Worker and others who have commercialized everything however.  


1. Any well-made rifled barrel will not decrease your velocity by 80-60 fps. The usual decrease is somewhere in the order of 20-30 fps. A SCAR with the advertised 190-200 fps should get you in the 160s and up. From my understanding, rifled barrels akin to the one you are looking at (it's not a proper SCAR) have less of a velocity decrease than SCARs.
- If you're looking for less than that 160fps, use the stock-retaliator sized plunger tube, 10-12kg spring, and the blue-color short-dart breech kit. I don't know of any recorded numbers but this is where I would suspect the velocity is. Also adjustable with switching springs and rifled attachments and that type of thing. 

- If you're looking for under 100fps, use full lengths and the stock-ish breech. No harm done. 


2. I have heard no good things about accustrikes/accufakes in sealed springers. They work well in flywheels, but the large dart head diameter hates barrels. I don't know why they are not working in the Prophecy stockish breech, possibly the large-ish foam diameter? 


3. The rifled attachment should somewhat alleviate the usually terrible shots of the soft nipple tips out of sealed breeches. I would like to mention this dart as a safe, incredibly consistent and accurate alternative. http://nerfhaven.com...ction-cup-slug/


Minor note that doesn't really relate to anything. I don't believe that you're going to be able to use the foldable stock with the "25N" spring. It requires the dual-rod stock or the solid buffer tube (with a special spacer) to work. Do ask/note that before you make your purchase. 


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#3 Zorns Lemma

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Posted 24 September 2017 - 02:23 PM

Rifled barrels don't work for tip-weighted foam projectiles. Don't be a squid.

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Posted 24 September 2017 - 10:26 PM

Rifled barrels don't work for tip-weighted foam projectiles. Don't be a squid.


My understanding of the SCAR system is that, while it does appear to cause dart spin, that is not what improves reported accuracy. The barrel basically acts as porting or proper barrel length would, and allows the excess air pressure behind the dart to vent evenly around it - the spiral is necessary according to Specter/Oz-nerf Sarge (I think the spiral is what evens out the pressure differences). Myself, I wouldn't trust Monkeemods to have done enough testing to know how/why the system works and suspect they just made up a barrel to ease manufacturing/consistency.


All that said, I also hear a 6-line barrel works better than the typical 4 (and should be than this 3) because a hexagon (the strings) better defines a circle (the dart).


This is largely second-hand, I've been meaning to make a SCAR barrel to test but haven't had the time. IIRC DOOM (may have been Slug) was telling me he thought proper-length smooth barrels would be just as good. Thunderkrunk and Toruk on reddit seem to feel porting does the same thing.

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