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#1 MatthewB29



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Posted 14 July 2017 - 03:13 PM

Hey Nerf Modders of the world
I have a quick question as an inexperienced modder.
Recently my sledgefire barrel snapped off. I decided just to completely gut the blaster and use the parts for other blasters. I took out the spring and it seemed extremely strong. Can I put it in my longshot as an additional spring? Btw I have OMW stage one installed in it. Also how strong is the spring. If its actually really weak I don't think it would be worth my time to put it in.
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#2 Bubba Longshot

Bubba Longshot


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Posted 14 July 2017 - 06:37 PM

The stock sledgefire spring is short, but really strong. According to Captain Xavier of youtube, it has an output of roughly 12kg; that's as strong as a [k26]. That would significantly increase the range of your longshot. However, you do NEED to REINFORCE some internal components whenever you do a spring upgrade. You'd have to buy an aftermarket boltsled, or reinforce the stock one with sheet metal. The shell of the blaster behind the plunger tube should be filled in with epoxy putty. Also if the A.R has been removed, pad the plunger with a rubber washer. If you put this along with your current OMW stage one  kit, a new plunger head is a must. 

I'm assuming that you have already done these reinforcements, as they are essential to any basic Longshot mod.

So, back to your question: Is it worth it to put it in? Yes, the sledgefire spring would be a fine addition to your current setup. However, you'd need to consider the cons of this power boost. With your current 8kg spring and the shortened sledgefire 12 kg spring, that'll be a lot of power. You'd have to reinforce, or buy some aftermarket parts. Personally I wouldn't, as a 8kg spring is already gets good performance with the air restrictors removed.

All in all, it's really down to your decision and play style. But yes, the sledgefire spring is quite strong, and will make your longshot a beast.

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"The only thing that sucks about Nerf modification is the anxiety that something will break... That's why we reinforce a whole lot!" -Me

#3 jaxonnerf5811



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Posted 15 July 2017 - 11:09 PM

im still stuck up on how you broke the barrel of the sledge fire 

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