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Strayven Mod

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#1 JospehSquared



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Posted 17 December 2016 - 07:44 PM

I've been modding for a while now and this will be my first big mod. This is more of me asking for someone to check my math before I blow this thing up with a couple of questions tacked on.

I have two 180 Hellcats powered by a 2200mAh 3s 40C Lipo pack. It will be wired with 16 gauge wire and will use two 10a micro switches instead of stock ones.

1) I plan to run LEDs through this. Can I power them off the same Lipo or should I use a different source?

2) There will also be an Arduino in there to control various things such as an ammo counter, voltage meter, and anything else I can think of and actually complete. Same thing as the LEDs, Can wvweything be run off one power source?

3) I do not have a good charge to balance, discharge or basically take care of Lipos. I've done some research and i have a couple of different in mind but can anyone recommend a good one that I can use? Money isn't really an issue since I would rather buy a fancy charger then replace my house if it lights up. Fear the Lipo!

Thank you for taking the time to answer. Hopefully when this thing is done I will be able to throw up some pictures.

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#2 Zack the Mack

Zack the Mack


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Posted 18 December 2016 - 11:28 PM

1) Yes. The easiest way is buying 12V LED tape, which you can just run right off the batteries. You could also wire bunches of LED's in series so the forward voltage adds up to 12V or less, and use a resistor to limit the current. Or, you could add a DC-DC step-down converter (also called a buck regulator or switching regulator) to create a low-voltage line that can drive your LEDs.


2) Yes. You will need to regulate the battery voltage to a more manageable level, probably 5V for the Arduino. I would use a switching regulator to do this, because using a linear regulator to drop 12V to 5V will produce a lot of heat and waste a lot of battery.


3) The Tenergy TB6B is a well-designed multi-purpose battery charger, discharger, and balancer. It's well-priced and very popular. It has algorithms that monitor the battery and limit the amount of current it can draw.

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