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Yes! I Got A Lanard Blast Bazooka

No! Im too retarded to make it work

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#1 yomullensup



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Posted 15 August 2004 - 01:30 PM

Lanard Blast Bazooka Trouble

Fisrt of all, I have read the modification on this site. I could only find 12 inch brass where I live so i made the barrel 12 inches instead of the recomended 14 inches. My darts just "fish tail" and spin around, not even going as far as my modded NF. I have a few questions....

1. I assume that you use a plunger to stick the dart down the barrel, if so, is there anyway to elminate need of a plunger? (No idea what a nested barrel or coupler is)

2. For a Lanard Blast Bazooka what should I use to wieght the darts? Tacks were causing the darts to be complete inaccurate and go little distance i think.

3. What length should darts be? I am currently using 2 inch and thinking there too small.

Thanks for helping me in advance because I will not be ablt to post for a while. Sorry for breaking Code of Conduct if I have.
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#2 cxwq



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Posted 15 August 2004 - 02:07 PM

Everything is fine except your weights.

Upgrade to either 1/4" steel slingshot ammo or size 3/0 lead split shot fishing weights. Both available at WalMart or sporting goods store.

I use the steel shot because it's slightly lighter and is a better compromise between the ideal weight for something like the BB and something like your NF.
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#3 yomullensup



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Posted 15 August 2004 - 04:00 PM

Thanks for the quick reply, but what about my first question. Do I use a plunger to stick the darts down? If so, is there a way to elminate the need of a plunger, like using a two piece barrel or something. Thanks again.
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#4 ompa



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Posted 15 August 2004 - 04:12 PM

You could always use a 1/2inch pvc coupler, then put the brass inside the pvc. However, that would make the barrel really heavy and you'd need to find a way to support it within the gun. Like maybe a little ring of a 1/2inch pvc coupler with spokes to the walls to keep the barrel centered. Otherwise, just blow or ram the dart down the barrel. It takes like an extra 1-3 seconds.

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