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X-Shot Micro Sold At Dollar Tree

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Posted 11 October 2016 - 06:00 PM

Hey, everyone, I wanted to just let you know that I was at Dollar Tree earlier today when I noticed that they were selling the X-Shot Micro there (thereby making it literally the best dart-slinger in the entire store, bar none), with a change in stickers and they include a few plastic target cans, and despite being an X-Shot product, they do not have any branding from the manufacturer.


And because pics or it didn't happen: 



Everything it came with, except the darts cringes at calling those projectiles that come with it "darts"


The pistol compared to my hand.


The dollar store dart throws up on saying that compared to an Elite. The head is black and a plastic, straw-like tube extends through the length, like the crap sticky darts that came with the original (pre-Elite) Clone Trooper Blaster.

And a PSA: I tried the darts it came with and it was lucky to make it ten paces. But, I shoved an Elite Dart into it and it immediately got Jolt preformance. It was visibly slower than my modded Firestrike, but let's be honest, no Jolt-style pistol can beat a Firestrike with an insane spring combo.

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#2 Serene Haze

Serene Haze


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Posted 15 October 2016 - 10:18 PM

Take me with a grain of salt but you definitely picked up an early-type micro. Most current-gen X-Shot blasters come with Excel darts now. (They're weird foam-and-plastic slug-looking darts that are shorter than elites.)

To my general understanding the current, late-type X-Shot blasters have better performance, but I've only got the late-type ones to compare with.


The Micro is a solid little blaster, but the new Dart Zone stuff kinda makes X-Shot irrelevant. (Better performance, comparable price, better availability, cross-compatable with elite darts, ect.)



EDIT: Didn't read good enough. A lot of X-Shot stuff gets repackaged as well for store brands and such. However, even the new re-branded stuff doesn't use the old X-Darts. This is odd.

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