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Warning/Review on Worker 9 KG Longshot Spring Kit

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#1 Gamerguy425



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Posted 22 August 2016 - 04:36 PM

So today I just got this kit from Worker in an attempt to do my first Longshot mod. http://www.ebay.com/...kIAAOSwYmZXIIFZ

and yes I said first attempt, I'm very inexperienced at modding and the only other modding credits to my name before this were removing the AR's on a Strikefire, re-barreling a Sharpsooter II, removing the locks on a stryfe and some awful paint jobs back in the day. Take that as you will....

The kit includes the main spring, some kind of glue to plug the air release (which I assume is like a modeling glue since it has that funky smell) an O-ring which is slightly thicker than the original, some lube grease, this flexible "buffer cap" part, and not pictured in the listings is an additional very small spring. I thought it was a catch spring, and while it is the same length it's considerably wider and doesn't seem to fit on the catch the same way. Haven't been able to re-assemble it and try using it for that but let me get to that.

you see this buffer tube seems completely unnecessary, in fact I THOROUGHLY DO NOT RECOMMEND USING THIS BUFFER PART. I literally made this account because there seems to be no info on this kit and, I don't want anyone else to make the mistake of using this particular part of it. you basically place it in where the AR was and I think its purpose is to eliminate a bit of Dead space in that area, some people have done the same with foam.. However the lip on the buffer is very thick, to the point where it spaces the plunger rod and the cap on the plunger rod can not screw back onto the plunger tube without pushing the cap down and compressing the spring a little, which I don't think it was designed for, and once you've placed the 9KG spring in there is a lot of tension. I think user error may have exacerbated the problem potentially, but after installing the cap I could already see a crapload of visible stress on the plastic of the cap where the screws where, as if it was seconds from cracking, so I tried to unscrew it and remove the damn thing and SNAP, the cap came apart from one of the screws.

fortunately the screws and the screwholes on the plunger tube do not seem stripped, but now I have to get the longshot immortal kit from OMW just to replace the cap, which works out fine for me because I have another longshot to use it for but buying that whole Kit just for that one part would be seriously annoying. Maybe the cap breaking is completely my fault but I seriously doubt the performance gain of that buffer tube is worth the risk of breaking a seriously important component like that,  just don't even risk it and completely ignore this part unless you can trim off the lip so it doesn't compress the spring to put the cap on....

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#2 Montymarks



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Posted 22 August 2016 - 04:59 PM

Strikefire? Do you mean firestrike. Also, everyone's a n00b, like for me, 2 years ago. Also, that's the point. If it breaks, you have no choice but to buy the OMW kit. They want you to do that. They prey on n00bs, and earn money for making "Idiot-proof" kits, that almost always break guns, without modding by people who know their stuff, WHO AREN'T THEIR TARGETS. I only buy springs, as a year ago, I DID THE SAME THING (With a Retaliator that I loved, but it was a kit too) and broke it. Shattered the whole plunger tube, and that made me angry. Also, one of their springs threatens to destroy "Mr.Medic" (my couplered firestrike) on multiple occasions. I'm sorry about this rant, but it's all true.




Jesus, whats with me and Also

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sorry for how I was a year ago

#3 Draconis


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Posted 22 August 2016 - 05:12 PM

To be perfectly honest, it sounds like you installed the buffer cap incorrectly.  I don't know what the included instructions look like, but those included in the Ebay listing are pretty descriptive.




Strikefire? Do you mean firestrike.



I think he probably does not.

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#4 Gamerguy425



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Posted 22 August 2016 - 05:49 PM

that might have been the case, but it I'm pretty sure I pushed the buffer in as far as it can go, and no matter what that lip sticks out (unless you trim it off maybe) and the instructions mention pulling the cap down tight, so it seems intended to be have that tension. Basically I'm just saying I do not recommend using it as a word of caution, maybe half of this user error (trying to remove it seems like it created a self fulfilling prophecy), but this is what can happen. The risk seems nowhere near the reward, as it makes probably very little difference in performance and there are other ways to fill in that dead space without spacing/compressing the plunger rod like that

and oh yeah did I mention its really difficult to get it out once its in there? I seriously hope I'm not stuck with it...

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#5 The2ndBluesBro



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Posted 22 August 2016 - 06:38 PM

You did it right, the padding is good for the plunger and now that it is slightly precompressed it will give power all the way to the front of the tube if it didn't already. Don't worry about it your LS is fine. 

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#6 Snoop Doggy doge

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Posted 22 August 2016 - 10:21 PM

I know this isn't really contributing, but I'm pretty confused. Pics of installation? after result?
Words and pictures combined describes things best,

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