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Posted 16 June 2016 - 01:26 PM

Name to be changed: Sunday July 3rd 2016. 

Host to be changed too, new location!

Times: 10am to 4pm. (Start playing at 10, be here BEFORE 10)

Lunch: Bring your own, or we will send one or two people out before lunch to pick up a pizza. 

Playing location: New Haven, Conneticut. New area of Edgertain Park; we will put the staging area on the bed of pine needles under the trees on the edge of the bowl. (New staging area)


Location links

(Edgertain park)

(exact coordinates)



Safety glasses must be worn at all times during rounds for participants.
Barrel taps ARE allowed.
Shields are NOT allowed.
Throwing darts IS allowed.
Not taking a hit will result in the player sitting out a round.
I or one of the other hosts has the right to spot ban over powered blasters.
All blasters must shoot on average less than 310 fps. 


Dart restrictions: 

#6, #8 slugs, and silicon domes only. Stock ammo of any kind is also allowed. 

Check list:

-Lots of water, (gatorade is also good)
-Blaster for a raffle. (Pullback, 4B, Rainbow, snap, crossbow, credit cards, wallets, social security numbers)
-Darts, (Lots of them)
-Two primaries, there is no guarantee of getting a loaner. Please bring all of the usable blasters you can. We can't stretch this -enough.
-Pistol for pistol rounds, (superstock allowed for pistol rounds)
-Sunscreen. (especially for Nick)


Raffle: Definitely! (If Phil shows up)


Hosts: Van (I run dis bitch now) Rob (forcing him to) and Zach? (Posting for him)

Game types:

We will be playing a good mix of game types.

Freeze tag
Kill Confirmed

Defence CTF (a NENO special)
Carpe Testiculum
Two flag CTF
Ultimate Core penetration

Note : 

Damn I'm sorry Jonothan these are always on a fucking sunday, it's Zachs fault. 
We need more wars and I gotta get that trigger time aciton in. June has been bone dry of wars and I'm hype, ready to go since schools out. So, this is Pre MechOut war, and I also plan to have a NENO before APOC, whether Zach likes it or not.
Lets get nerfy boyss

This is an NIC war, but you can bring superstock. It can be comptetive in our field, but please don't spend time after every round loading up mags and sweeping to get your darts. Rounds will start with or without you

YT Footage plugin of past wars, example of Superstock and DIY class blasters being used.

Confirmed attendees: 
If you can't confirm on NH, or don't have an NH account, feel free to confirm on Facebook
Snoop (Van)
DX (Rob)
Alfatrooper (Zach)
Aeromech (Chris)

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Posted 16 June 2016 - 01:49 PM

Dang it why....


I like the new raffle rules though, glad I was probably an inspiration lmao. 

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Snaps. Snaps. Snaps.

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Posted 16 June 2016 - 02:28 PM

There are several things to discuss, like the possibility of running this both Saturday and Sunday with a different location, doing superstock rounds instead of pistols, and making a playlist to minimize downtime.

Many changes are being made.  New host, new location, new name, probably Saturday rather than Sunday, basically a new war.  I'm going to make the new thread after work, but it may be fairly late tonight, so please wait until then.

Patience, Van, P - A - T - I - E - N - C - E

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