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The STAN gun

hopper blowgun automatic full-auto how-to stan sten

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Posted 03 June 2016 - 11:49 PM


The S imple T ype A utomatic N erf gun.
18" Schedule 80 1/2" PVC Pipe 5.85 (120")
30"+ Schedule 40 1/2" PVC Pipe 2.21 (120") 
12" Schedule Anything 3/4" PVC Pipe 2.86 (120")
2x 3/4" PVC Tee  0.44 http://www.mcmaster.com/#4880k42
1 ft vinyl tubing $1 (estimate, need to confirm at Ace)
1/2" CPVC 45 degree elbow 0.36
Duct tape 3.75 (1 roll)
Price for 1 with leftovers:  5.85+2.21+2.86+0.27+1.59+0.38+2*0.44+3.75+1+0.36 = $19.15
Bulk price per blaster (60 LCD, 16" magazine):5.85/6+2.21/4+2.86/10+0.27+1.59+0.38+2*0.44+3.75/3+1+0.36 = $7.55
Bulk price per blaster (6 LCD, 26" magazine): 5.85/6+2.21/3+2.86/6+0.27+1.59+0.38+2*0.44+3.75/3+1+0.36 = $7.91
The basic mechanism of the STAN gun is the well known hoppered blowgun.  The STAN gun is intended to take advantage of this amazingly simple and economical mechanism in a way that more meaningfully passes for a blaster.  There's still no trigger, and it's still lung-powered, but there are at least handles and a stock, as well as a flexible tube that prevents the user from getting their teeth knocked out in a collision. 
 The hope is that STAN guns help NIC-isolated war hosts to provide enough loaner blasters to start a community with normals.   There's no question that a traditional hoppered springer NIC primary is a superior blaster for a typical playing field and playing style (These are 50 ft blasters tops), but these are still good enough at what they do to have a role in an NIC war (Provided at least a LITTLE bit of cover) and enough WOW for a person who's never seen homemades to hold their interest.   The cost for 1 blaster is a bit deceptive, as very short lengths of pipe are required.  This not only means dramatic savings for making more blasters, it also makes it more likely that a given NIC homemade enthusiast would have everything needed to make a STAN gun already.  The wye is the only really obscure part, but we've all come to peace with the fact that we need to order a bunch online every once in a while.  Schedule 80 pipe can be hard to find locally depending on where you live and if you have a day job (Menards always carried in in Chicagoland, but the closest Menards to me in WA is in Wyoming), but you can always order it online. 

I plan on this evolving into more of a writeup than it is currently, but I always do, so we'll see.  In the meantime, the video shows you everything you need.  I recommend watching it, and really all youtube videos, at 2X speed.  It's in the quality settings menu.
Troubleshooting the feed:
+Make sure that the vinyl tubing is pushed in far enough to seal in the sch40 1/2" pipe but not so far that you can see it when you look in the top of the wye.
+Make sure your barrel entrance is as smooth and gradual as needed for your darts.  Some darts need more than others.  With Artifact darts, you need an extra-gradual entrance.  Sometimes tray style hoppers like Zorn's optimal wye are needed for springers, although I've always gotten blowguns to work without them.
+Make sure your darts are short enough.  Artifact darts are 36mm, and I think that's about as long as you can go with such rigid foam.  If you have darts made with very soft and flexible foam, you may be able to go a little bit longer if you want.
+Take the magazine, and ALL of the darts out of the wye, and put them back in and try again.  Hoppers are voodoo, sometimes this just happens.

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Posted 04 June 2016 - 09:48 AM


Great content, Kane. This is one of the best YouTube Nerf videos I've ever seen. Thanks for not making a directionless rambling video or just a series of stills. Hopefully you manage to get a write-up in there too. And:


I recommend watching it, and really all youtube videos, at 2X speed.  It's in the quality settings menu.


This is probably among the most useful things on this website.

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Posted 05 June 2016 - 06:00 PM

Saw the attachment on one of your blasters at plains. I can say from experience that this setup is shockingly effective as suppressing fire.

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This is so ghetto but so awesome.

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