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Just a few Rayven suggestions

Nerf Rayven HALO assault Rifle Nathan Fillion b00m13

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Posted 02 June 2016 - 08:54 PM

If you got a spare Rayven you don't use that's just lying around, you could sell it on eBay for a nice profit or you can try to beef it up w/o making it look like a Frankenstein monster.

You'll need:
Rayven gun
Strfye gun's fly wheel section (the motors, etc.)
A foot or 2 of wires (get red and green if possible, but not necessary)
Solder iron and solder
Resin w/chemical hardener

Bondo w/chemical hardener
Stock Paper (preferred)
Rotary tool
Basic wire stripping/clipping tools, etc.
Common sense

This is based from the dual-stage mod (EDIT: the rayven afterburner build log), but I'm not reviving a 2-year old thread, I think it's frowned on... I don't remember the rules too well...

Open up the gun and clear out any plastic that's blocking the space where the motor's are going to be.
We're all engineers here, so you should know which sections needs to be gotten rid of, and which doesn't need to be touched.
The area where you'll be planting the Stryfe motors is almost like it was made to fit it, perfect amount of space.


After the wall has been cut, and it allows the motors to jut out from the inside, you'll need to cut a covering for the motors.
I recommend using "Stock Paper". It's a thicker kind of printing paper, it's commonly used by cosplayers to make objects that they eventually turn into harden armors, props, etc. The paper itself is just meant to be glued into a shape, but it's toughness will help it hold its' shape while you apply gel-like paste on it, which eventually harden to a shell harder than drywall. You'll want to make a "Box cover" to protect the motors from contact with the paste, and for it to hold the form of a wall for the side of the gun.

From the picture below, that's only 1 suggestion to cut the paper, there's several ways to do it, or you can even fold it like an origami and just glue it, pick w/e you want, just make it a cover lid that fits the motors PERFECTLY!!



Once you've made the cover, find the exact spot you'll plant the motors.
Put the cover on there, and paint it with "RONDO"
First paint the outside (the outer shell of the Rayven), let it dry, then paint a thin layer on the inside, this should make a strong merging.
Use some common sense on how to do this. If you feel you need to have the motors in place to do the insides. then make sure it's covered, perhaps wrap it with some aluminium foil (Rondo doesn't really stick to it, and it's thin enough not to effect the spacing).

Once the outer layer is dry and harden, just give it a nice sanding to clean it up. The flat surface should be 1 or 2 mm's more out than that section's original surface (notice on the right picture below, the smooth newly formed surface is only 1 mm higher than either of its' sides).






You don't really need to do much with the Rayven's motors because you're not depending on it to shoot the darts out to the barrel.
The resistors on the Stryfe motors are the ones you'll need to clip. Both of those will be taking in the full 6 volts each. Make sure to solder the wiring exactly as shown. Cover any exposed wires that are close to other exposed wires with electrical tape.








The orange tube will be thinner than the entrance tube of the Stryfe so you'll need an adapter to fit it better. You can use several materials; PVC, rolls of paper/tape, foam, w/e. as long as it aims the tub in the center of the entrance, directing the dart right into the fly-wheels.


You'll also have to cut a section of the trigger because it will be blocking the Stryfe motor, just check the picture (light blue) to know which area and how much to cut.








The rest are just optional.
A nice piece of foam to replace the clip button on the lower back, and if you lend out your guns to others to play, and they're newbs. You don't want them to spend the first half of the time, sticking their fingers into the jam door because they pulled the push trigger before pulling the motor activation trigger.
So it's best to make the trigger inoperable if the motors aren't spinning.









Now I'm just bragging~
That's NYCC 2015, and yeah, Nathan Fillion (HALO ODST Buck) is holding my rifle.
I liked that gun a lot, but it's major flaw was that it was 1 piece. Try walking around NYC with that...
So, next time, I'll make it more compact...

(Charlie's Angel pose; obviously!!)

a bikini model also asked to take some pics with it ^_^


Next time, it'll be able to detach into 2 parts, and shoot more smoothly.
Just hope I finish in time... my major weaknesses... procrastination, easily distracted, on PC when I should be working on the stuff I want done~









Feel free to skip this next section





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Pretty sure this needs to be taken down. Very adult,

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Posted 02 June 2016 - 09:47 PM

You may want to start the writeup from start to finish, instead of basing it off a finished product. This way it's easier to guide. Also, you want to inclue more pictures. There's a large jump from the end of the mod to a finished piece. The excessive writing on the photos are also a bit distracting, and you may want to include them on the side. You don't really show how stryfe motors fit in, and this is called an after burner mod. It is cool, and detailed on wiring. However it seems that some of the instructions are all over the place and it is confusing with text in photo and out of photo, making it very hard to follow. The lack of pictures and following steps is also very confusing, since you don't know where to start. To vets and other experienced modders, you can see what you did but the whole point of writeups is to show people who may not understand and may need guidance. 

Here is an example of a good writeup


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Posted 03 June 2016 - 12:16 PM

Looks good.  It's closer to a build log than a writeup, which is fine.  If you could change the title to something more descriptive like 'rayven afterburner build log' that would be cool.

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Posted 03 June 2016 - 12:51 PM

Yeah, I never said it was a writeup, I thought the title was clear on that >_<
And IT IS based on the Afterburner mod, but I mentioned on top I didn't want to reply on there 'cuz I checked the date, and it was years since it's been replied on. I remember back then we get banned for bringing up old posts. I'd edit the title a bit if I could... I'll just include it on the top

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