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Modified shotgun-style backup... which one?

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Posted 22 April 2016 - 03:01 AM


This is a 'which gun is best' type thread, as per the New Members Guide.  You have to put some thought into it and make your own decision. 


That having been said, I think you answered your own question.  The rough cut and sledgefire are too bulky to carry around as a backup and fire one-handed. 


Hi there,


I want a backup / secondary that I can just draw, point, hit quickly with in case something is wrong with my primary (BuzzBee Brute autofire flywheel blaster). Preferably something I can at least get the first shot off from without using both hands, no time delay speeding up anything electrical. Shooting several dars shotgun style so I don't have to try to aim too much in a quick-draw / quick shot situation.


The following things come to mind:


Option A:

Nerf Rough Cut, maybe modded to shoot 2x4 instead of 4x2? Quite bulky thing, but you can keep it primed, fire 4 darts (what's the range with a tuning spring on that?) and get your hands free and fire again.


Option B:

Nerf Sledgefire (shortened?). One shot, 3 darts, can keep it primed. As bulky as the Rough Cut. Reloads faster but no 2nd shot. Is the range better / worse than the Rough Cut? Had quite some fun with it when I borrowed one.


Option C:

Nerf triad shotgun Mod? Both of the above guns are huge and thinking of the short to medium range scenario, shooting multiple darts from a primed, small gun, the triad comes to mind. Obviously people turn it into a "shotgun pistol" by accident. What if you do it intentionally? Put in a better spring, make all 4 barrels shoot synchronized. Triad = small Rough Cut?


I do not own a Triad (yet), but what are your opinions on Option C? What is the performance with a stock spring if you (accidentially) turn your Triad into a shotgun? For the size and prize of a rough cut or sledge fire you can keep 2-3 of these in your pockets?


Thanks for your ideas :-D

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