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Apocalypse 2016 - August 6th in Ocean Township, NJ

NJ Apoc

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#76 hoongfu



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Posted 09 August 2016 - 09:33 AM

Thank you Snoop for the video of Langley dancing.  Made my year.  I'm going to download it now before you get a DMCA notice. 

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#77 DICE134



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Posted 09 August 2016 - 06:10 PM

As usual, Apoc was awesome.


I guess it all goes back to the pro/con thing:



Getting to see all the usual people I nerf with again.

Meeting new people 

no blasters broke

rounds were well set up; no time wasted 

no thunderstorm until the day was over

superstock (I love normal NIC rounds, but superstock is really fun)

Hearing various Harambe chants


I know there's more, but these were the first that came to mind



Too hot 

Wish I made more darts

That one freeze tag round where I forgot it was freeze tag, I got shot immediately

Too many people left early


Anyway, I had a blast at Apoc. Thanks to Langley for organizing everything. Thanks to all who showed up. I hope to nerf with you all again!

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#78 Snoop Doggy doge

Snoop Doggy doge

    Fig you, Van

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Posted 09 August 2016 - 09:37 PM

Have some YT videos and photos!

A playlist of Youtube Videos DX and I recorded. Lots of stuff but not everything
Also photos are below but mostly screenshots of video. Jesus Christ I spent a day going through everything.
Sorry if you're not in the photos, but don't expect them to be the best. They're teasing though!


Someone stole my ESLT wye :/ why you do that.
Also I realized I have like half my darts. I have the orange darts, (SCS) USCs cut down with a felt tip superglued on. RIP me

Oh, and uh "#APOCNerf" for you Phil


Batch 1


Batch 2

Batch 3

Batch 4

Batch 5

Batch 6

Batch 7

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#79 flyingchicken



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Posted 09 August 2016 - 11:33 PM


Last year's APOC (and that whole weekend) was one of the best experiences of my life, so it's hard to compare it to last time. Nonetheless, I thought this war ran even better than last year's. 

This war wouldn't have been possible for me without the help of joedimarco and his family; he hosted me, drove me places, and bought me food. The real MVP of this experience; thank you so much Joe.


And now, my thoughts:


+ Seeing all my Northeast friends again: Joe, Gears, Jlego, DX, Miguel, Groove, Zach, Dan, Sam, Nick, Lucian, Koree, Aeromech, Randomshadow, Craftsman. 

+ Meeting awesome people: One Man Clan, Captain Slug, sublimedom, Ice Nine, Clownie, Griever, Shade, PBZ 

+ Fanboying slightly over Slug

+ Getting to represent the South yet again with my comrades Zaxbys, Drac, and EOC

+ Using some of the finest slugs in existence, courtesy of Red. Dart recovery was great as well. 

+ Took a few rounds to get going but I'm pretty happy with how I played throughout the day. 

+ First war using a fanny pack to hold ammo; it's great, would highly recommend. 

+ Somehow being intimidating with an Arrowstorm

+ Using the Grove instead of the main field most of the day

+ Lots of really good rounds; 3:15, speed rounds, and Freeze Tag, among others
+ Lots of good exchanges, especially with Gears, Dan, DX, and Jlego

+ Finally getting to do pistols at APOC! We had some really small but awesome Gunslingers rounds.

+ Filming an Effeminate Gunslingers showdown between TED and Jlego.

+ Team JaxcksonStorm?

+ Was a little nervous about meeting One Man Clan, but turns out he's super cool and fun to play with

+ Blasters worked pretty well; my Arrowstorm's reinforcements held up all day, though there were some rotation issues. The neoprene washer in my Crossbow's plunger head actually tore, which I wasn't expecting. Fortunately, I had a wonderful spare plunger rod made by Nerfomania that worked flawlessly for the rest of the day. 

+ Finally having my own GoPro and wearing it for a few rounds.

+ Snoop Doggy doge challenging me to a 1v1; it was enjoyable, and he put up a respectable fight, but I won 3-2. Keep up the good work, kid.

+ "Wipe the ravioli off your face and do something useful." 

+ Being clumped with Team Valor as a non-player and getting rekt

+ Seeing all the northerners getting beat by the heat and humidity, y'all would've died at NoMNE

+ Rained lightly during the day, and packing up just in time to avoid the heavier showers

+ My reputation preceded me; within the first hour I was handed a BBB.

+ Sam asking me if I danced (I do), and giving me a really lovely compliment about how it shows in my movement. Thank you man.

+ Buying air blasters from Dom

+ Being hit in the safety goggles a few times; as much of a pain as they are, I'm glad I wear them over my prescription glasses.

+ Losing my blue bandanna, but Langley very awesomely gifted me a replacement. 

+ Seeing a bunch of cameras, knowing there will be lots of great footage and pictures from this war.

+ First time flying with blasters and having no issues


+/- Screams for Harambe disrupting our lovely Gunslingers rounds


- None of Joe's stuff worked so he didn't play for half of the day, but he did eventually get a loaner

- Not getting a lot of personal pictures or video

- Hibachi place charged for refills



Huge thanks and props to Langley for once again running a great war.


10/10 would travel hundreds of miles to play with children's toys again

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#80 CaptainSlug


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Posted 10 August 2016 - 08:53 AM


For anyone wondering, I'm not really that cool in person. I apologize to anyone who WANTED to meet me but didn't realize I was even there.


+ Being hit in the safety goggles a few times; as much of a pain as they are, I'm glad I wear them over my prescription glasses.

Step 1: Go to an optometrist and get an eye exam, or request the script from your last one. They'll bitch at you, stomp their feet, try to give you a partial script, but you are legally entitled to get the FULL script from the eye exam in writing (because you paid for the service).

Step 2: Order glasses online. http://www.zennioptical.com/for instance has tons of pairs with prescription lenses with their lowest priced ones being $6.95. They also have plenty of prescription sports goggles/sunglasses for under $30. You will simply need to copy the numbers from your paper script into the fields before adding the glasses to your cart.

Step 3: Not give two shits if your glasses get fucked up because you didn't spend much on them. They have lots of options for coatings, but frankly I find the majority of them pointless aside from tint.


There are plenty of other sites and some of them offer a free "try them on" package of five frames of your choice with dummy lenses so you can make sure they fit.


Optional Steps


Step 4: Buy huge Granny-Style clip-on sunglasses and put them on your new frames.

Step 5: Trace around the edges of the frames onto the Granny-spec lenses using a permanent marker

Step 6: Cut along this line using whatever tool you want. Sometimes even garden shears or tin snips will work.

Step 7: Sand the edges

Step 8: Now you have flip-up sunglasses that aren't enormous.

Now you have tinted lenses

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#81 Griever 2112

Griever 2112


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Posted 10 August 2016 - 03:52 PM


Can't believe it's taken me this long to write this...



  • Getting to see my friends, Clownie, Beaker, Aeromech, Miguel, Dan, Joe, Zach, Van, after my small hiatus.
  • Getting to meet some awesome new people like Chicken, Drac, RandomShadow
  • The Rain held off, the Nerf deities smiled upon us.
  • Played my fair share of rounds and my Plusbow and Pullback held up very well.
  • I didn't die of heat stroke.
  • Me and Clownie's AWESOME FLAG.
  • The options Langley offered during rounds.
  • Getting to film Chicken vs Van in that Effeminate 1v1


  • The Nerf deities cursed us with a ton of humidity.
  • Some of my darts were jamming, and not in a cool, rocking out way
  • The Alpha Trooper Dos.0 is retired after 1 war (R.I.P. you OMW piece of junk)

Overall, APOC is always an amazing war. Great time was had by all. Got some really good footage if anyone wants to got watch it. https://www.youtube....h?v=voGEqWZFZGA

And for anyone who wants to join me, I accept Drac's challenge for next year 4v4 North vs. South.

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#82 Craftsman



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Posted 13 August 2016 - 09:44 AM

Real late to the party on this, but too bad. Was a great time as always. Really wished I could have stayed later, but as I told Phil on my way out, "I'll be back next year, with more people and a tank." I shit you not, #YOLOstock will rise. See you on the field.
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I have taken a "break" from the hobby, but if you have anything crazy hit me up. I'm always interested in a challenge. Currently designing a nerf vehicle among other things.

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