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Looking for the ideal Nerf rifle

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Posted 24 May 2016 - 03:27 AM

I didn't come here to sell, I just wanted to show you, it can be done, besides I'm not taking commissions right now, way too much work before Armageddon XVII. That blaster is very specialized, it's actually a pistol with a carbine stock. and sure one could put any sights, red dots or attachments you want, it's how much are you willing to spend..

But it's just a toy, brass, precautions taken to a heavy springload and a large plunger tube, well relatively large... But mostly experience, and if I or someone just sells you a blaster, will you get any experience.  I'm just being honest, hear me out,  If I just bought a modded recon and raider in 2008-9, I would have never been a better modder?  Probably no.....

My point is, you can do it, If you really read up on write ups on here, go to wars, see what works and don't work, try your best to mod, work at it, you can do it. Me and many of us here have been modding for years, a lot of people here way longer than me.  It's very rewarding to make something like those 2 blasters I showed and accomplish what you were trying to do, I couldn't take that away, how unfair would that be. 

Keep in touch.



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....Fear of a Nerf Planet!

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