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Singled Recon writeup

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#1 Shadowslayer1924



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Posted 12 February 2016 - 07:51 PM

Hello, everyone. This is my first writeup on how to single a Recon with CPVC. I did this because i was bored after school.


Tools needed:

Dremel with cutting wheel, grinding/sanding bits


Hot glue gun with hotglue (I would have used Plumber's Goop or epoxy but i'm impatient)




A Recon 

4 Inches of CPVC

Teflon tape

Lubricant of choice ( I used white lithium grease)



Step 1: 

Take apart your Recon and remove the air restrictor and locks.


Get your Dremel with a cutting wheel and cut the plunger thingy here or 2 inches from the bump thingy (i don't know the official name so i'm gonna call it a plunger sled)




Step 2: 

Get your Dremel with a grinding/sanding bit and grind down at your CPVC and/or your plunger sled (the inside of it) until the CPVC can fit into the plunger sled then using a adhesive (I used hot glue) to secure the CPVC. MAKE SURE IT IS STRAIGHT


Step 3:

Cut the nub that the bolt sled attaches to the plunger sled off and glue it to your CPVC (about 1/4 of a inch (if a fourth of an inch doesn't work then use a half inch) from the end of the CPVC) while making sure that the CPVC is centered by attaching the bolt sled and eyeballing it while adjusting the bolt sled location.

Wait for the glue or adhesive to dry. Ream out the CPVC.



Step 4: 

Remove the dart tooth and cut the barrel attachment so that it looks like this. Shorten the trigger



Step 5: 

Use either a Dremel or band saw to cut the shell so it looks like this.



Step 6: (optional)
do any optional mods like a power stock or spring replacment.



When done it should look like this.



Ranges with stock spring:

About 60 feet with a FVJ



Comments? Questions? Flames?

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#2 The2ndBluesBro



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Posted 12 February 2016 - 11:45 PM

Singling a recon isn't new, but you're on the right track. Hot glue isn't strong enough for almost any load bearing application (such as this). Plumber's Goop isn't really either (although it's great for ensuring a 100% air seal). I would recommend redoing the hot glue with epoxy and upgrading the spring/adding a powerstock. Personally, I don't like it, but I see the recon as a pump slide for a longshot,a grip and stock point for something like a PAS, and a mag well for a clip-fed homemade or something like that. Decent job though, especially if those ranges are flat with the stock spring.  

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#3 Shadowslayer1924



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Posted 13 February 2016 - 04:10 PM

Thank you BluesBro for the constructive critisim and I had no epoxy at the time so I used hotglue. I agree with you that it isnt the most useful thing to do with a recon but I was bored.
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