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Nerf Megas Vs. Buytra Megas Vs. Buytra store Megas

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Posted 06 February 2016 - 11:08 AM

So here is my review and comparison of different knock off Mega darts I bought. The two types of megas I will be reviewing are the Buytra store megas, and the Buytra megas along with comparing both those with Nerf mega dartsimage.jpg
(Nerf mega darts to left, Buytra store darts in middle, and Buytra mega darts to right, note the broken dart)

I will start with the prices:
Buytra darts:$6.64 for 30
Buyers store darts:$4.50 for 30
Nerf mega:$6.99 for 10(on Amazon)

Now to review each:
Buytra darts(darts to the right in picture):complete crap, do not buy these. Unluckily these are the more common type of knock offs and they have thin foam, solid heads, and horrible fit in all guns. Along with that, to top it all off, the heads break off so often that I have only used them around 5 times and already I am down to around 15 darts or so. Finally, most were squished while shipped and I had to put in a elite in each one to straigten them out

Nerf Megas(darts to the left in the photo):These are the nerf branded darts, and have a better head that is similar to buytra darts, along with being able to whistle. They have a good foam, and overall are good except for the price.

Buytra store darts(darts in the middle):These are very good darts, they are similar to nerf Megas, and can whistle. They have shiny heads, and fire very well out of mega guns along with seeming more "accurate". Finally, the only two problems I had were minor and was that some were squished(not all of them though, and the for the ones that were it was an easy fix) and that from time to time they would misfire. I will say these are a good alternative and that the misfires may just be because I didn't put elites in the darts that misfired.

Conclusion:the Buytra store darts (http://www.amazon.co...ailpage_o04_s00) are a good alternative and should be picked up of you need mega darts.
(If you want a range test tell me, I did shoot the Buyta store darts with a Rotofury down a hallway and they smacked the wall pretty hard)
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