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Post your Stock/Superstock Loadout

loadout superstock

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#1 Nerfguy2002



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Posted 20 January 2016 - 03:49 PM

Its 2016 everyone, I want to know what your favorite loadout is. Mine is a retaliator modded my OMW stage one and two kit, a rader stock, 18 round stick mag, my custom retaleator barrel, and my tactical, flashlight foregrip. Post yours loadouts!

Langley edit: new thread rules:

Do all of the following:

  • Describe your 'loud-out' without using acronyms or dumb nicknames for blasters. Pretend you're describing it to someone who only just started nerfing.
  • Explain what context you use it in. one word is not enough. Are you playing indoors or outdoors? Are you playing in a college HvZ game? Just playing with friends?
  • What kind of experience do you have with this loadout? Have you used it a lot? Do you like it? Does it have any particular strengths/weaknesses? If you've never used it, don't post it!
Do at least one of the following:
  • Post a clear photo of the loadout
  • Post links to where you can buy anything that isn't a stock nerf blaster from your loadout. Provide links to any writeups you followed or created for this loadout.  Total cost of the loadout would be nice.
  • Extensively review one of the non nerf-blaster items (mod kit, pouches, etc)

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#2 C-A 99

C-A 99


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Posted 20 January 2016 - 04:06 PM


- Compact: Nitefinder + Hammershot + dart pocket + BAJ

- Medium Firepower: Retaliator + jungle mags (no mag pouches) + Nitefinder + BAJ
- Heavy: 14.8v Stryfe + mag vest
- Superheavy: 4B absolver + 6 shells + 14.8v Stryfe + 6 18 mags (mag pouches + holster for Stryfe) + BAJ

- New: Sentinel + jungle mags + dart pocket + BAJ
- Scenario Games (HvZ, TTT): Hammershot or Strongarm + Jolt + dart pocket


I almost never use loadouts involving mag pouches and holsters due to the inhibition of mobility. It's been an annoyance even in mostly immobile attack/defend type games while defending.



- Unshelled 4B + dart pocket
- Sceptor + dart pocket (indoors only)

- DCIT + dart pocket (CQB indoors only)

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#3 The2ndBluesBro



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Posted 20 January 2016 - 04:59 PM



- Longshot : Carbined, BBB spring and coat hanger reinforcements. Super old school, super cool.




- Rainbow pump, blood wood handles, clear body. Really slick.      Video: https://www.youtube....h?v=_3KoT4JbgaY   

- CaptainSlug original +bow with a wooden thumbhole stock          Video: https://www.youtube....h?v=_yw0ewB7-Hs   

-  SM5K w/raider stock and 17/32 brass breech                             Video: https://www.youtube....h?v=KOoL5-Vr4dw

- PAS (currently in need of repair)                                                   Video: https://www.youtube....h?v=U4t-oe7s3qQ



Photos coming soon. 


Total cost to me was around $300 CAD. 

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Posted 20 January 2016 - 05:18 PM

An OMW Massacre Recon, a Barrel Break, and a stock Stryfe. Most my wars are small ones with friends.

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#5 Remzak



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Posted 20 January 2016 - 05:21 PM

Big Bad Bow with stock spring and coupler
I carry lots of speed loaders for this
Secondary: Triad with a ridiculous spring in it, silly powerful

This load-out works very well for the type of Superstock games I do with my friends here in Massachusetts. We play outdoors on a flat field with FVJ darts, so powerful blasters can compete with rate of fire. I usually load the Big Bad Bow speed loaders with two darts, and the triad only gets used if I run out of loaded speed loaders. The goal is to be highly mobile and move a lot, supporting my team as point defense.

Fear factor: People avoid me like cancer
Springer reliability and consistency
Surprise! 55 foot flat with the triad
Shoots hard. I don't know how else to say this. See picture

Rate of fire
Once I run out of loaded speed loaders I get rushed
Low capacity for groups, if there are multiple people you need to fire, then run.

All in all, I like it, and it fits my hit and run play-style well.

Total Cost: ~45$

Edit: Updated to meet thread requirements

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#6 Kilomona



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Posted 20 January 2016 - 06:42 PM

Indoor/Outdoor Superstock (wars with basic level mods on guns, allowing stock guns): dual hammershots with spring spacers, removed ars,and removed dart posts( sometimes remove the spacers for ease of one hand priming). Secondary: holstered doublestrike/persuader/4victory.
Indoor Stock( no mods): primary: stryfe. Secondary: firestrike. Final plan: triad.
Outdoor Stock: Dual hammershots, secondary strongarm. Maybe a triad/jolt.
Both of the loadouts that use dual hammershots usually are weaker against flywheel blasters in close quarters. I usually have them on paracord slings i make the day before the war. These loadouts are tested in small wars of 5-10 people-not much of a community in my area- and i have used the indoor loadout the most, with the superstock wars being less common due to other people not owning modified blasters.

P.S. Running 5 modified jolts sounds like a bad idea but..... It is a VERY bad idea. If you are trying to PwN everyone else. What it is though, is satisfying when you "kill" 3 people in under 30 seconds.

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#7 DjOnslaught



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Posted 20 January 2016 - 06:45 PM

If I can get it working properly and firing correctly it will be a heavily modded mega centurion as a primary, with a modulus secondary.
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#8 Shadowslayer1924



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Posted 20 January 2016 - 06:46 PM

My new favorite loadout is my stryfly and my cardboard armor (which holds a secondary and 3 magazines) my [k26] nitefinder and 3 18 round stick mags
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#9 shandsgator8



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Posted 20 January 2016 - 06:58 PM

This thread needs pics.

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#10 HatBlasterandKazoo



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Posted 20 January 2016 - 07:25 PM

I don't have any pics, but since I've only been able to go to wars with a 110 FPS restriction, my loadout has varies week to week. I used to run nothing but a modded hammershot, dumb? Yes. Did I have anything else worth using? Not really.

Now, however, I can run a LiPO powered Rapidstrike with that Hammershot, making my loadout MUCH more complete, and man do I love that rapidstrike now. I'm tempted to commission the same person who did my Rapidstrike to work on a Boom Nitron, just because it would make a silly secondary, and it would have some use in terms of blocking areas off on our small-ish soccer field arena (also, the discs would inevitably ricochet EVERYWHERE).

Again, I've only been to the RFDL's wars, so I don't have anything SUPER crazy that I'm running (I also recently tried to mod a Retaliator with an OMW kit, and a metallic grey/cobalt blue paint job that I'm going to be issuing to friends who want a good loaner).

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#11 2193nerfer



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Posted 21 January 2016 - 12:55 AM

Main Loadout For Regular Game Play/SuperStock Wars:


Modified Nerf Longshot with Seal Team Suppressor - Vented Design Mini Orange, Pump grip is on the way 



Stryfe With Falcon-130 Motors and a 2S LiPO


Tactical Hydration rig (with a hydration pouch in the back pocket) with 4 - NMAG DOUBLE MOLLE magazine holders for 8, 18 round stick mags








Condor Battle Belt

http://www.amazon.co...r tactical belt


Two Drop-Leg Platforms: on the Left leg two NMAG SINGLE MOLLE magazine holders for 35 round drum(s)/18 round stick mag(s), on the Right leg a Stryfe Holster

http://www.amazon.co...op leg platform







Dump Pouch for used mags or extra darts


Attached Thumbnails

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  • legL.jpg
  • legR.jpg
  • Stryfe.jpg
  • Picture0121161444_1.jpg

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#12 DjOnslaught



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Posted 21 January 2016 - 08:53 AM

This thread needs pics.

Once I get the mega centurion done I'm gonna post a guide, same with the modulus.
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#13 Langley


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Posted 21 January 2016 - 12:30 PM

This is the kind of thread where everybody wants to post something but nobody really reads the rest of the thread. I'm going to lay down some rules to try and elevate this above garbage-levels.  If your post doesn't meet these requirements by 24 hours from now, it's getting removed.
Do all of the following:

  • Describe your 'loud-out' without using acronyms or dumb nicknames for blasters.  Pretend you're describing it to someone who only just started nerfing.
  • Explain what context you use it in.  one word is not enough. Are you playing indoors or outdoors? Are you playing in a college HvZ game? Just playing with friends?
  • What kind of experience do you have with this loadout? Have you used it a lot? Do you like it? Does it have any particular strengths/weaknesses? If you've never used it, don't post it!

Do at least one of the following:

  • Post a clear photo of the loadout
  • Post links to where you can buy anything that isn't a stock nerf blaster from your loadout. Provide links to any writeups you followed or created for this loadout. Total cost of the loadout would be nice.
  • Extensively review one of the non nerf-blaster items (mod kit, pouches, etc)

I'm going to go ahead and make this a stock/superstock thread, because an NIC 'loadout' is basically just a primary and a dart pouch.

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#14 sublimedom777



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Posted 21 January 2016 - 02:27 PM

I play outdoor HvZ at the Penn State Main Campus. Pictured is my likely load out for this year (minus dump pouch, and perhaps backpack hydration, if the weather requires it. This loadout has changed little over the past 3 years, as it serves my needs. Primarily as a parody of the players who kit themselves out with camo (and matching attitudes), but also as a combat-avoidance type player.


Last year my primary was the rayven. It is old, and only has rm/2 motors and alkalines, but did ok (got me to within a half hour of end game last year)
This year the Alpha Trooper is new, and I need to acquire upgrade parts for it.

I use a basic Condor plate carrier. Being a rather large individual, many vests don't fit right, and I didn't really like any of the chest rigs that were available locally.

As pictured, 4 18Rd mags, in (iirc) M4 pouches. They fit snug enough to not need elastic, even while running/jumping. I have 4 more of the same pouch, and 2 more of another style, so could theoretically carry 6 more mags on the carrier. I will likely swap out the mags in favor of 25rd drums when I get an acceptable pouch.

NarrowBase firestrike holster, and an Orange Mod Works upgrade spring in it.

Jolt rests on a D-ring, mostly as a gag/"suicide" out rather than be turned into a zombie.


The socks are because PSU is the worst, and makes you unlock/retrieve your blasters as the opening mission.


Tac Loadout cost - Approx $80 for Carrier, mag pouches, sling, & holster

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Posted 21 January 2016 - 04:09 PM

*Dusts off the old account*

Morning all...

Right, here we go!:
- Stock retaliator with 6 x 12 round mags. Retaliator has proper picatinny rails so I have real sights (ACOG scope and red dot respectively)

- Sidearm is stock hammershots, one in a drop leg another in my  vest


Other vital kit:

- Blackhawk replica vest and tactical vest
- Molle dump pouch for empty mags

- Camel back water pouch

- Good, sturdy boots - footwear is your friend.

- And last but not least, some form of eye protection.

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#16 Snoop Doggy doge

Snoop Doggy doge

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Posted 22 January 2016 - 02:02 AM

Alright, because NIC type wars are more my thing, I'll start with that first. 
-sidenote, godfucking damn, Langley told me to write this and I spent 2 hours making a quality post.

First off, Essentials I always carry to NIC or superstock
-EYE PROTECTION (goggles from home depot)
-alta kneepads
-NerfHaven bandanas (nerf on or fuck off in orange, blue and orange Apoc 2015)
-one derpy nitefinder with cosmetic mods and a brass barrel (original intention for comicon)
-dropleg holster, left handed and modified to holster said nightfinder. On it is one pouch that holds some darts. (Some free pouch I got)
-a dump pouch, on my rightside. Holds spent mags for superstock, and darts for NIC (condor)
-my signature box, with a hat and second pair of goggles to hold it in place or a headstrap mount for my SJCAM (gopro knockoff)
-SJCAM 4000 (gopro knockoff) 
-SJCAM 2000 (cylinder tube camera)
-shoes (usually timberland boots)
-socks and an extra pair 
-pants (jeans or woodland cargo pants
-a shirt (insurgency/black/grey)
-a sweater (grey zipup if cold)
-screw driver kit (HDX hobby)
-Every Day Carry essentials (a watch, wallet, butterfly comb, gum, glasses cleaning cloth)
-flashlight (a cheap 10$ one from target)
-Head gloves (if cold)
-sling (from my duffel)
-faux eotech
-electrical tape
-chair with chairbag
-chairbag (holds blasters out of public view because I use public transportation)
-jansport backpack (textbook bag)
(carrying literally fucking everything at Nam's, except a duffel)

NIC war specific
-"demon" rainbow (I call it the skittle rainbow, but it is a rainbow homemade from Aeromech)

-a 16 inch .495 aluminum barrel with a "rocket" on it
-a 13 in CPVC barrel with faux ventilation
-300+ shitty van slug darts. Horrible quality grey #6 darts
-8 dart clear hopper with cut down ball valve
-5 dart clear hopper and extra wye
-8 round "speed" hopper with cap

[/URL]" style="font-family: Helvetica; font-size: 12px;">http://IMG_7472_zpslpqvjyhf.jpg

(Rainbow field stripped)



(Rainbow with CPVC 13 in barrel)

Super Stock specific
-vangripret  a retaliator with a pump grip, which is a ret slide on the barrel and connected with PVC slots, a raider stock bolted in place covered with cloth, a barrel extended to have another nerf male adapter, bradley alu boltsled, OMW stage 1 and 2, 7kg spring (probably 6kg after all the wars I've been to that wears it down)
-2 duct tape double stack belt holsters
-a velocity plate carrier (it was free, my dads) with a 2x doublestack ak mag pouches on the front to the right, and a 1x double stack m4 pouch. (Double stack m4 pouches (or any other 5.56) and single stack AK pouches (or any other 7.62) hold a nerf mag tightly, and a double stack AK mag or triple stack m4 pouch holds 2 nerf mags) 
There's also a pistol mag pouch on the right side of the admin panel that holds my pliers and a screw driver. 
A sharpie is on the other side of the admin panel and a fiber-cloth in the admin panel. 
Also a big random pouch on the left side I got for free that holds random things
-box of stock class darts (mostly USCs and tracers [200+]
-2 10 banana mags
-3 12 mags
-7 ghetto taped together 12 mags
-backup ret (5kg spring, locks removed and pistol ret with a ret stock and a specter barrel)

(My ret, the "VGR")
(I look like a TRAITOR, but most recent superstock pic)




 I think my loadout overall definitely weighs more than needed, and is a disadvantage. Faux eotech, boots, sling, box, heavier pants, and stupid long barrel is not optimal or ideal. However, I like some of the aesthetics and general goofiness. For NIC wars I like using it, as my rainbow kinda comes close to countering a 4B with ROF and power, and is fun to push with. It's great for pushing, and can defend as it has a balance of ROF and power. However, this is really optimal for outdoors and open areas as its unwieldy long and I have to dip around corners. I use #6s primarily but I'll try and transition to 8s because of so much wind. Another downside is I wear ear pro while using my rainbow because it's so loud and next to my ear it hurts, which is kinda annoying. However I generally find my NIC loadout lots of fun, and fits me and the plentiful amounts of times I get to use it. This setup has worked indoors and outside, very bulky but indoors shear power and rof make it illegal, but the times it's not is fun. Outdoors it thrives, in trees and suburban type cover. 

(NIC optimal Van, in the cold at Frozen Foam 2)

(silly van being silly)
(Holding the line at Nam's)
(Who the hell let Van hold a 4B? Can he count the pumps?)

This loadout is not most ideal, partial comicon use, a ret is not the best for superstock and I look like a milsim wanna be with a ret kind of looking like an M4 and a plate carrier. However, I like I have lots of real estate for stuff, and usually when I'm in super stock with AMR (my friends) I hold the mags since they're too immobile with a vest. My ROF is decent because I can shitspam if I need too, and using USC (or rave) darts my shots are actually kind of straight. While again not optimal, heavy, bulky and definitely not for everyone, I like what I have and it helps me hold stuff for people. I can and have used this in an NIC setting. Great for freezetag or a flank where I'll be upclose and ROF is high, but generally unadvisable. I've been to countless superstock wars, and honestly I'm very impractical but I like having fun with what I use, as it's moderate length, can be used indoors and outdoors and just has to be dipped for tight corners. This has worked outside and inside, in human VS human environments because I'm interested in things that shoot back. Rooms have been cleared and hills have been taken, and vice versa. Like the NIC loadout I think it's great in my hands but wouldn't fit anyone else.
(How I commonly run my Superstock loadout)


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#17 Cartaya



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Posted 22 January 2016 - 03:21 AM


Superstock:  (Velocities given for modded blasters only)

*Retaliator with an 8kg spring, Xplorer plunger, OMW aluminum sled, 100-115 fps
*Crimsonstrike Recon, OMW stage 2 metal parts kit, 6kg's, 75-90 fps
*Stock Rotofury
*Stock Rival Apollo
*Sonic Blue Magnus modded with double coil 7.5kg spring array, 85-95 fps
*Stock AS-10 Magstrike (Yellow)

*Longshot Plunger Tubed Pistols described in the NIC section, Firestrike or Sharpfire if game organizer wants me to be at a lower velocity ceiling below 200 fps.  But in local Super Stock wars, it's understood I play the long range player and most Event organizers and players and are fine with it as I maintain distance from opponents or will drop high yield pistols if another supertock player gets close and flip to the Retaliator.

*An AT2K with removable Turret, switchable with 17/32nds brass barrels of choice. 245fps with turret, up to 290 fps singled @ 7 pumps
*2 Longshot Plunger tubed pistols based off the Nerf Rebelle Star-Shot couplered to speedload 17/32nd brass barrels, 19 Kg's and 28 Kg's, 215-230 and 230-260 fps Respectfully
*A Longshot plunger tubed Pistol, same as the above 2, except with a Carbine stock and a Tasco 2x7x20mm scope couplered to accept 17/32nd brass barrels, 32kg's, 240-270 fps

Secondaries and backups:
*An Xplorer Longshot, 21 kg's (18 Kg Xplorer and stock spring), Hybred boltsled, V5 breech, shotgun grip, 11" barrel, ZS shell, 190-215 fps
*A modded Bigshock, 21 Kg's, 140-170 fps
*A Sealed Breech Sharpfire, 21 kg's, 160-185 fps
*A brass barreled Firestrike, gold, Fixed barrel, 21 Kg's 160-180 fps
This loadout is made for long range assault and fortification of specific choke points in battle.  The Longshot plunger tubed pistols are my blasters of choice, one draw, one load, one fire I practice with them everyday and with Singapore darts they can just sail a dart well out of range of a typical opponent outside of a player with a 4B or a Titan tank based airblaster, with normal felt tipped slugs, they behave like a typical modded crossbow.  The Recon or Retaliator is more for close range and I'm going more for reliability than speed. They usually are on a magnetic clip holster, it's easy to draw is for if anyone comes within 100"-70" of me and tries to hit me with a blaster that is either hoppered or mag-fed, usually loaded with FvJ darts.  The Xplorer Longshot usually sits either at my fall back point or the point I am trying to hold.  It is usually used to lay down suppressive fire.  Often, I'll throw it to a teammate to help defend me or because his loadout just sucks.  Sharpfire, BaJ and Firestrike are usually used as backup single shot blasters, they have saved me more times than I can count.

*Excellent, accurate long range attack effective in excess 60 yards with ease.
*Primary blaster is a fairly quiet, small, light pistol of holy terror! 
*A Decent close range backup.
*A holster system that is magnetic quick-drawable.
*Cargo shorts make for excellent stefan dart storage.
*Typically carrying 4 blasters at any time, won't lose for the lack of shooting back.

*Low RoF, not a problem however if your shot placement is good.
*Backup Mag-fed blaster is slower than typically what blaster is shooting at me at close range.
*Getting to a backup blaster in time is sometimes difficult if rushed.
*Darts for the Xplorer Longshot need to be 1-7/16ths OAL or it won't fit in the mags, picking up random ammo off the ground won't work. 
*Longshots Pistols cannot be hoppered (Theroetically) as they only use 66 cc's of volume and 2 1/3" of draw.  



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#18 Majestic



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Posted 22 January 2016 - 06:10 AM

It's winter here in Chicago and it's mostly awful outside, and my Nerf group has been warring inside to avoid the weather. Our indoor battleground is in a laser tag arena where there are not really any engagements much further than 30 or so feet. This is what I bring to that arena.


My primary is a Strayven, running a 3S Lipo and Rhino motors.


Secondary is a Sonic Barricade running a much smaller 3S Lipo and Rhino motors matched to Rayven flywheels.


Tertiary is a singled doublestrike. This is the same blaster that I submitted to the 2015 mod contest with no changes other than the sweet american flag decal on the plunger tube. I will play entire rounds using only this blaster and the sword. It is a lot of fun to play with, and forces me into a totally different play style. I love it.


I always run with melee weapon. Currently I use a Zombie Strike blade. I tried to paint it with vinyl dye to get it to match the coyote theme of the rest of my load out. It looks like shit don't do what I did.


I can carry 8 x 18 round mags with this set up but I normally only run with six because that is all that that will fit in my dump pouch. 




The MOLLE platform is a Condor Ronin chest rig, with a Condor dump pouch, Nerf zombie holster, Fox Outdoors Mag pouch, a random digi camo holster that fits the Doublestrike, and a surplus flare holder modded to hold me sword on the back.


The zombie holster has been heavily modded to hold my Barricade as well as my Hammershot with integrated Panther. I cut panels from a thick flexible plastic cutting board and sewed them inside the three different sections of the holster. Then I sewed nylon webbing on the back to mount MOLLE straps. It is set up for a 45 degree cross draw.


The mag pouches have a little baffle in them for holding pistol mags or maybe tools. I cut these out and now it fits two rows of three Nerf Mags. I also ran shock cord through the buttons and around the webbing on the back to hold 18 round mags. I added some tabs made of gaff tape to make it easier to grip.


To hold the sword I use a military issue MOLLE flare holder. I cut the bottom out of it so that the sword could fit through it. I also stuffed a bit of aquarium tubing in the opening to stiffen it up and make drawing and sheathing easier. I painted it in coyote to match everything else. 




In place of a sling I use a Troy Industries sling extension sewn directly onto the D-ring on the chest rig. It works really well and at the time was half the price of a Pinardi Device.    


Other gear I use is a Fenix TK16 1000 lumen flashlight with holster for when we play low light games, and polycarb eye pro. I also wear a bandanna to give my neck a little protection from stray darts and because sometimes I like to look like a bandit.








When I put this crap on I feel like a G.I. Joe, all covered in plastic weapons.

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#19 Maniacal Coyote

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Posted 22 January 2016 - 07:43 PM

My pictures wouldn't upload; going to post and edit them in, slowly.

I have several loadouts based upon my current working inventory.


My favorite and the one that I'm most likely to use is the


The Tryhard


Stryfe (Blue)

  • Rewired with 16-guage
  • Electronic locks removed
  • Mechanical locks removed
  • Retaliator grip
  • Skeletized Retaliator Stock


  • Bone Stock
  • Hasbro's Leg-drop Holster

Used for almost any scenario, I usually start with a 10-banana in the well, 4 18-sticks in a bag over my shoulder, and loose darts in my pockets.

Mid range

(Old photo: I took it before I modded the Stryfe. It no longer has the jam door installed.)




The Bonk! Express


Roughcut (Costco Green)

  • OMW 7+ kg springs (Link)
  • Barrel-Break dart holder


  • Bone Stock
  • Hasbro's Leg-drop Holster

Shotgun/pistol rounds. For shotgun-only rounds, I dominate.

I just run around and gun people down from behind. I know, I'm a nice guy.

Close range




#Snipah Status


Zing Bow

  • Bone Stock


  • Bone Stock
  • Hasbro's Leg-drop Holster

When I'm feeling like a Teemo.

I can nail you at obscene distances with the bow, and then run around with the pistol.

Nutshot-capable at 100 feet.






Demolisher 2-in-1

  • Bone Stock (On my to-do list, after "Finish Rapidstrike" and "Fix Stampede")
  • 36-dart Drum
  • Nerf Bandolier
  • Nothing else

Roughcut (Costco Orange)

  • Bone Stock

Loaner loadout.

The mag-holders on the bandolier hold the Demolisher grin-aids nicely.

A bag to hold two more 36-drums

Short range

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I know how to help you because I have broken every rule in the book.

#20 shandsgator8



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Posted 22 January 2016 - 08:26 PM

Maniacal Coyote: How does using such a short stock (from the Retaliator?) on the Stryfe feel? Isn't such a short length-of-pull uncomfortable or cumbersome?

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#21 Maniacal Coyote

Maniacal Coyote

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Posted 23 January 2016 - 12:38 PM

Maniacal Coyote: How does using such a short stock (from the Retaliator?) on the Stryfe feel? Isn't such a short length-of-pull uncomfortable or cumbersome?

On the Stryfe, it's not that bad. I don't normally have the stock against my shoulder; it's more for looks and as an arm brace for when I'm firing it gangsta-style. Also, it allows me to look down the sights when posing for a picture, and its shade of blue matches that of the Stryfe better than my Raider stock

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I know how to help you because I have broken every rule in the book.

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Posted 24 January 2016 - 02:38 AM

NIC: Like 6 Rainbows




Used this magstrike and sledgefire pistol combo at the PA war last wekend, and let me tell you, I rocked 'round the clock in soaking wet socks, lived long and prospered like spock, tick-tock.

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