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Question about EAT kits and tolerances

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#1 God The Chinchilla

God The Chinchilla


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Posted 21 December 2015 - 03:03 PM

Bit of background: For a few weeks or so I've been lurking and trying to find answers here and on YouTube and I have been able to narrow down on my options but within those options I have a few questions and hopefully somebody can answer them.


All of this comes from my decision to order a Elite Alpha Trooper CS-6, I am relatively interested in the Blaster Parts Tactical Range kit for the EAT and the Hobby Mods kit for the EAT as well. Unfortunately I do not know much about the Hobby Mods kit since it is down for the holidays but I probably will pick it up since it seems relatively solid based on YouTube videos.


Now comes my main question which is in regards to the priming rod or whatever it maybe called. I watched a video by Lord Draconical which made the kit seem fairly decent but then I watched a video from Foam Data Services which seemed a bit more in depth. In the video by Foam Data Services he mentioned how the bar did not fit very well and would basically wear down the bolt sled due to the angle and it rubbing against the interior of the blaster shell. In his comments he said that he would not recommend this kit due to those reasons and if they are true I do not want it.  


I do understand that the bar should support most springs and I have no intention of pushing any limits but in a video by Coop772 in which he compares the EAT to the Retaliator he mentions some flex to the priming bar can be felt and quite frankly I don't want any of that. 


So if anybody that has the kit can give me some in depth response that would be greatly appreciated, I just got into this after a friend of mine told me she wanted to gather some of our old friends to shoot each other with foam darts. 


I should mention if I get both kits I intend to use the following:
Blaster Parts Priming bar, Plunger guide (The cylindrical tube)
Hobby Mods Catch/Catch Spring, Plunger Spring/ Spring guide

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#2 MuffinToast



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Posted 21 December 2015 - 05:33 PM

This may not work, as I do not own an EAT or have owned one (only Raiders), but with the flex of the priming bar, could you replace that with a more tougher material? Don't take my word on it, as it may not work.

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#3 jwasko



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Posted 22 December 2015 - 10:22 AM

I can't speak to fit, but Foam Data is well-experienced so I'd trust him to know what he's talking about. On the other hand, he may have just gotten a lemon.


Blasterparts gives you a new priming bar in order to reduce the flexing that Coop talked about. But if causes other issues mentioned by Foam Data then like you said maybe you don't want to use it.


You may want to look into getting a Retaliator instead. Get a replacement spring and a pump action kit, and it'll be just like an EAT (except lacking slamfire) but without the priming bar issues. Retaliator internals are also generally sturdier than EATs.

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#4 Birch



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Posted 22 December 2015 - 07:08 PM

I would say that for the most part, a standard EAT priming rod will be fine. I have an original alpha trooper with an OMW 5 kg spring and there is very little flex. However, the Hobby mod's spring is over 7 kg, more powerful than the OMW spring. You will get some flex, but I think that if you securely fasten the bar to the priming handle, as wells as to the bolt sled, you'll be able to fully prime the blaster with room to spare.


From your post, I can garner that you really want a serious and powerful blaster meant to last, and If you do, I would just get the blasterparts priming rod, and file it down if it is too large. Of course, its all up to you, but If I were you, I would go for the new priming rod if you have the dough, but if you don't, you be able to easily get by with just a few simple mods.

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#5 DblDrgn



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Posted 01 January 2016 - 08:24 PM

I would say that for the most part, a standard EAT priming rod will be fine...


I agree with this, the EAT priming rod seems fine for me... I have two EAT's with 7kg Hoobymods kits installed, and no issues with the priming rod after much use. 


One issue I did have with the EAT is with koosh dart compatibility, but Foamdata solved that for me by suggesting I swap the barrel with a non-rifled barrel.   

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