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New Idea... I Think...

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#1 nerfspecialforces



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Posted 01 August 2004 - 11:37 PM

Ok, I like 3DBBQ's homemades, as does everyone. So, I thought- I want to make a cool homemade too. So I started brianstorming an automatic homemade. It led me to some conclutions. 1. Not very practical 2. you need alot of air. So, I dropped the idea. Recently(sp), me intrest in homemades got re-kindled. I rememmbered the air shortage problem after testing one of the old proto types. Also, I went on a paintball trip around the time, too. All this leads me to air tanks. Replacable tanks. Ones you can fill before the war, and use during.

Use a water bottle with a one way valve to eleminate pumping it the heat of battle.

1. Put a rubber stopper in a bottle which only lets air in. Then, put a toothpick( or something) in the stopper. when the toothpick is pushed on, it releases the pressure.

2. Cut the cap so the sides of the cap are gone, but the middle and threaded part are still there. Attach the cap to a hose handle.

3. Put the two together, pull the trigger , and the dart shoots through pvc action like the zero's right here.

4. Pump a dart in, replace bottle if needed

5. Repeat steps 3-5 until out tanks, then manualy pump.

Gun matireal:
1 hose handle
? tank- bottle
1 pump
1 barrel

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#2 Alexthebeast



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Posted 06 August 2004 - 11:54 PM

You realise 1 2L bottle Is one shot, right? They can only hold like 100 PSI. UNless you're using a regulator or a Wraith system, Thats a pretty stupid Idea.
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#3 Techno-Dann



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Posted 07 August 2004 - 11:12 AM

Well, it would be possible to rig up two valves, with a smaller secondary air tank... The first shot would definitely be the longest, though. As for the pressure problem, I suppose it would be possible to make PVC air tanks with ball valves and threaded adapters to screw into the gun. Problem is, they'd get quite heavy.

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#4 Osiris



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Posted 08 August 2004 - 03:55 PM

One shot thats it? I think its more like around 5 shots. Set up a proportion 3000psi tank in PB is 10 shots per cubic inch. Find out how many shots it is for 100 psi. The only hard thing will be calculating the CI of the bottle or you could maybe go to a website with conversions to see how much 2L is in CI. You got to be good at math for this <_<

Another idea besides bottles could be 3 inch or 2 inch PVC to make a tank. This cool schrader Air valve which comes in 1/4" + 1/8" could be helpful when you are making your tank. You might need a few adapters along with that for your tank. I think its 300 psi something like that. I dont think you can make it removable though but nothing to worry about PVC is stronger than bottles you might be able to pump your tank up to 200-300 psi meaning more shots. Plus you could probably achieve 20 shots. That MIGHT be enough for a short war, refill after each war with a shock pump or foot pump just have the pump with you at war incase you run out. Im making a gun like that right now im just ordering the valve and it should be finnished ill try to post pics.

This schrader valve is found here: http://www.acehardwa...oductId=1277973 or at ACE hardware store.

Hope this helps :D

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