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Nerf N-Strike Elite Crossbolt Grey trigger?

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#1 Seladur



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Posted 02 June 2015 - 12:06 AM

Hello everyone, I'm new here, so if I created my topic in the wrong section of the forum I'm deeply sorry and I'd like to ask a moderator to please change the topic to the correct area.

Well, I'm new in the NERF world, and I only own 2 guns right now(if you wanna know which ones you can find this information on my profile).
I was searching about the Crossbolt, and I really liked what I saw about this gun(or bowgun xD), but since I live in Brazil, which is one of the grey trigger countries, sadly, I'd like to know if anyone from another ''GT'' country knows if this gun has a grey trigger version.
Yeah I searched in the internet and basically only found orange trigger images and videos, I only saw 1 image and a video from a japanese boy with GT, but since they were the only thing I found I'd like to double check this.
So can someone kill this question for me please?

And sorry if I typed something wrong. :)
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#2 meishel



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Posted 02 June 2015 - 02:19 AM

There is definitely a grey trigger version of the Crossbolt, but I have yet to see any chrono readings on a grey version (I doubt it will be any weaker than our Orange trigger version anyways). Luckily the cord for the bow is easily replaceable with a stronger cord, which is what gives it it's power. Bay area nerf has a mod guide that shows a compatible type of cord:

Swap the cord for something stronger, and you're good to go. At some point, you may need to reinforce the arms if you go with a very strong cord, but I haven't heard of anyone breaking the arms. I think a lot of people do the mod where they remove the arms all together.
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#3 Astech



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Posted 04 July 2015 - 02:20 AM

So can someone kill this question for me please?

I've handled a grey trigger version in the past week. They're nothing to get excited about, sadly. My chrono is limited to examining the size of the bruise if you know what I mean, but they're clearly underpowered. I can attest to the fact that a grey trigger version is weaker than a stock Retaliator, slower firing that a revolver and overall not worth it for $40 (looks excluded). Meishel has the right idea with replacement cord. If you can find surgical tubing, its high power and snap back speed is amazing, as Mythbusters found. Otherwise, shock cord or military bungee cord is your best bet. Of course, you could also fashion some actual bow arms for this thing and stop playing with elastics.

The humility you show here will set you up well on this site, as does the manner of your post and correct spelling (a rarity, most definitely). Well done. Additionally, for those who don't like looking to the left, I'm residing in Australia.
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