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Would it work?

Stryfire with Retaliator instead of Stryfe

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#1 frenchdavid50



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Posted 31 May 2015 - 11:38 AM

So I'm new to modding, and I've really been inspired by the great things some people make. I also tend to be, like many, a sucker for crossbows. I've seen the Stryfire mod and I think its really cool, but I'd like to try it with a Retaliator instead of a Stryfe so it'll be more crossbow-y. My plan is to put an OMW spring in the Retal to make sure it can fire darts through a PVC barrel and out the end of the Crossfire. But I'm unsure if this whole project would work. Do any of you know if I could do this?
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#2 ravetrooper



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Posted 31 May 2015 - 01:03 PM

First of all, yes it "works." Mag212 did a video last year of his:

Unless you put in a really good spring, there is no performance gain with this mod. Purely cosmetic.

Second, If you're new to modding, you might want to practice some easy shell cutting before attempting an integration. Minimizing a nitefinder/firestrike is a great start. If you mess up, you're only out a few bucks instead of $40+ for the retaliator and crossbow.

Hope this helps, welcome to the NIC, frenchdavid50 :)

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Gut the electronics, drill a hole in the shell, and attach a crank to the gear. Bam, crank-action stampede that doesn't require batteries, or even a trigger.

...(also judging by your past posts, I would consider you pretty dang wise elder like in the modding community :lol: )

#3 Birch



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Posted 31 May 2015 - 04:29 PM

No reason why it shouldn't. Some words of advice though:

Do you have the significant knowledge, experience, and ingenuity to pull off an integration? If not, practise putting weird shit onto nerf shells and making look pretty. I did this a few times and it made my first integration go and look smoothly. Also, read up on how to paint nerf blasters. I recommend following this guide to the letter. It works really well.

Also, for the pvc barrel that goes through the crossfire bow, use a piece of pipe with a large I.D. I recommend 3/4 cpvc, 1 pvc, 3/4 thinwall pvc, or something around that size.
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It's like a Hurricane ate a Tornado and shat out a Monsoon!!

#4 bnethawk



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Posted 31 May 2015 - 11:08 PM

I currently own the blaster by mag212 it works like a charm definitely a cool integration. If you plan on doing this definitely work on your shell cutting and epoxy putty skills as for the blaster to be comfortable you have to get it just right.

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