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Southern California stock class war Feb 7th

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Posted 18 January 2015 - 03:43 PM

T - ime
E - radicates
A - ll
C - hoices
H - owever
I - ngloriously
N - erfing
G - rows

Its that time of year where we at S.C.U.N. hold our annual NIB/Stock/"Low-Tech on-the-spot Modding" Event. Once more we shall gather at our Southernmost Reliable Location in Corona to goof around with barely modded blasters and shoot each other with stock ammo and enjoy pizza for a fair amount of hours. Its fun for the whole family.

So, yes, this is a "Stock Event" similar to a N.I.B. war but not quite as strictly aimed at using a brand new blaster, as it is going back to a time where you couldn't "science" a nerf gun beyond "slap a crayola marker on it"

Like every Stock War We've done, there will be about a half hour of “Field Modding Time” using the most “basic” of nerf modding supplies:

Hand tools like Screwdrivers, small hacksaws, pliers, wire cutters, x-acto knives or boxcutters, leatherman tool, hand drills, etc.
Electrical Tape/Duct Tape etc
Most Adhesives (includes Epoxy Putty, Super Glue, Plumber's Goop)
There is an outlet and I'll bring an extension cord so you can use Hot Glue if you wish.
Rubber Bands/Mini bungee
Crayola Barrels or similar objects like those Jägermeister tubes as barrel material.
a 2k Pump tube is an acceptable way to mod something for Arrows.
Electronic mods to flywheel guns are allowed, this ranges from basic higher voltage batteries all the way to full motor replacement.

Some of these supplies/tools will be provided, but expect to provide yourself with most of what you need to mod on the spot.

NO PVC or other Pipe/Tubing WILL BE ALLOWED.

Naturally, there will still be some safety bans, IE no making titans shoot micros. Pistol splats and all variants are not allowed, because they perform on par with modded guns bone stock. But pretty much anything else is fair game. Bring as many or as few blasters as you'd like, by leaving the ammo stock, we should have a fairly level playing field whatever you bring. Also you're allowed to bring any blasters that are already modded to these specifications, be it because you did it for one of the previous stock wars, or felt like modding in advance.

We'll start this earlier than usual, so that modding time doesn't cut too much into our playing time, so try to show up by 9:30 AM

Also allowed are large ammo blasters including zing, mongo, missile, ball, arrow, and rocket. These blasters may be modded with materials outside the war restriction, but must be firing their intended ammo.

The Date is SET as FEBURARY 7TH

Horsethief Canyon Park
Shotgun Trail Rd.
Corona, CA 92883

The Park has Restrooms. Nearby there is a shopping center with a Pizza Hut, A Subway and a grocery store. We usually just make a group pizza order together and send a small detachment to pick things up. so bring cash for Pizza, or be ready to take care of getting other food for yourself.

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Posted 06 February 2015 - 09:48 PM

Bump: Resident Corona SCUN rep reporting in, I'll be a the park by about 9-9:15, since this is a holiday weekend we do risk the park being flooded with Mundies, if that happens, we have back-up locations ready to roll.


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