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The Great Big List of Modifications Without Pictures

Holy crap, there are a lot!

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Posted 15 January 2015 - 04:28 PM

There's no disappointment like clicking on a promising write-up in the Modifications Directory and finding a thread that is a lot of semi-detailed description interspersed with dead photo links. In a perfect world, the creators of these write-ups would renew their documentation, but since many of these are written by Nerfers who have left the hobby (such as ompa or FA24), perhaps some can be rewritten (with working photos) by other NH members. At the very least, it'd be nice to get them separated from the full write-ups.

Rear Loading, CPVC Barrel Replacement

Big Blast
AT4K Turret Addition
CPVC and PVC Couplered
AT3K Integration

AT3K Tank Powered Turret

Double Shot
CPVC Barrel Replacement Shells
Rear Cocking

Laser Tek
AR removal and barrel replacement

Mustang Six
Minimization, Barrel Replacement

Range Master
Brass Breech

Single Tek
PETG Barrel Replacement, Seal Improvements
CPVC Couplered, Zip Tie Priming

Pump-Action Shotgun (PAS)
PVC Couplered, Added Spring Compression
Trigger Spring Enhancement, Deadspace Removal, Silencing

Rapid-Fire Dart Gun
Doomsayer: PETG Barrel Replacement, Rearloading
Plunger Rod and Trigger Reinforcement

First Shot
CPVC Barrel Replacement
CPVC Couplered, Minimized

Big Salvo
Double Barreled
O-Ring Replacement, Tank Repair

J.A.M. Blaster
PVC Couplered

Max Shot
CPVC Couplered
Brass Breached, Seal Improvements, Cosmetics

Over Under
AR Removal

Sonic Bazooka
CPVC Couplered

CPVC Barrel Replacement

Airtech 2000PETG Barrel Replacement
CPVC Barrel Replacement
PVC Barrel Replacement

Airtech 3000
Brass Barrel Replacement
Magstrike Bladder Addition

PETG Barrel Replacement, Rear Loading, Seal Improvements

PETG Barrel Replacement, Singled

Big Bad Bow
Deodorant Clipped
Plunger Head Disc Repair
Raider Drum Compatibility
BS Tanks

Blast Hammer
PETG Barrel Replacement, Increased Air Flow

Plunger Rod Repair
CPVC Couplered, Barrel Replacement
Manual Turret Addition
Internal AT2K Tank

Crossfire Shield
Dart Holder

Defender T3
CPVC Barrel Replacement

Disc Shot
Brass Barrel Replacement
2K Turret Addition

Double Crossbow
CPVC Barrel Replacement

Eagle Eye
AT3K Tank

CPVC Barrel Replacement

Laser Fang
Reinforcement, AT3K Integration

Lightning Blitz
PETG Barrel Replacement

"Angel Breech"
DTG Integration
Metal Bolt Sled
Lancer - Chainsaw Integration
Brass breech, shotgun foregrip, and more

Longshot Frontgun
With Titan internals
The handy pistol. Clean AT2K integration

Longshot Scope
AT2K Integration

Hornet Tank Powered

Mad Hornet
CPVC Barrel Replacement

Unconstricted Bladder
Pump Relocated, Double Clip

Manta Ray
Crayola Barrel Replacement

Air-Restrctor Removal
Sealing the Cylinder Gap
Double Maverick
Semi-Auto AT2K Maverick

Rear Loading, BBMM Internals Replacement

Steel Barrel Replacement, Spring Rest Reinforcement
CPVC Barrel Replacement
PVC Barrel Replacement
PVC Couplered for Brass on PVC, Maglite Laser Replacement
External Extension Spring Additions
Another Nite Finder Rifle
Crossbow Bow Arms Integration
NF + SSPB (Vertical)
Triple Nite Finder, No Pics

Removeable Clip, Banding

Brass Breech, AT3K Integration

CS-35 Drum
Centering the Clip
Stefan Conversion, Low Tech

RapidFire 20
The Eyes of Fire

Ratchet Blast
Barrel Replacement

Razor Fin
Minimization, Singling

Balls and Darts

AR Removal

Recon Light Attachment
2K Integration
LED Flashlight Replacement

Inside a Recon Shell

Ompa's Mod

Rough Cut
Stripped Gear Repair

Scout [N-Strike]
Brassed Barrel Replacement
CPVC Barrel Replacement

Secret Shot
Barrel Replacement, Seal Improvements

CPVC Barrel Replacement

Sharpshooter I
Brassed Barrel Replacement with Tightening Rings

Sharpshooter II
Nested Brass Barrel Replacement, Spring Addition
At2K Internal Replacement

Barrel Replacement, Spring Replacement, AT3K Tank Integration

AT2k Turret Integrations, Split-tech 2k
Brass Breeched

Stinging Scarab
Barrel Replacement

Overview, Barrel Replacement

Supermaxx 250
Barrel Replacement

Supermaxx 750
2k Turret Addition, Old Style
PETG Barrel Replacement
Couplered, Pump Extension, Old Style

Supermaxx 1000
CPVC Barrel Replacement, Seal Improvements

Supermaxx 1500
Brass on PVC Barrel Replacement
Rear Loading Seal Fixes, Turret Spring Rest Replacement/Repair

Supermaxx 3000
PVC Barrel Replacement, Reinforcements, Blue

Supermaxx 5000
Tank Relocation, Brass Breech
Tank Relocation, CPVC Couplered

Tech Target
CPVC Couplered, Airflow Improvements
Maximum Extended Draw, PVC Couplered

Titan [N-Strike]
ompa's Titan Mod
Adding Barrel Stability to ompa's Titan Mod
Artemis Arms Mountain Rifle
Angels Mongo Titan
Pump relocation, and a ton of new attachments. Good quality photos.

Triple Strike
Barrel Replacement

Cxwq's LOTR Uruk-Hai crossbow mod
Angels Spiderman wrist spring gun modification
LOTR Crossbow aka The Mega Pistol
Pirates of the Caribbean flintlock pistols

Pistol Splat
CPVC Barrel Replacement

Spy Gear Signal Launcher /Rocket Bazooka
Barrel Replacement

XXL Bazooka
PVC Couplered

BattleMax Sceptor. PVC Couplered
Kilroy Magnum
USB Missile Launcher Modification
XXL skeet shoot.Big blast integration.
Buzzbee Splat Blaster. CPVC Couplered

Miscellaneous/Not Relevant to Specific Gun Mods
ompa's Clip
Using a Turret as a Clip (Removable)
Ruff stuff safe darts and blood tears
Double barrel for plunger guns
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#2 CS- Tiff

CS- Tiff


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Posted 15 January 2015 - 04:41 PM

You are missing the elite line but this is a really nice post.
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#3 Slime



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Posted 15 January 2015 - 09:07 PM

Spinning off of your point a bit, I have also been disappointed when finding write ups with the broken pictures. When I pulled Angel's original writeup for the longshot up and saw all those pics were gone, I was pretty bummed out. I'd be willing to rewrite a few of these once I get the chance to contribute :)
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#4 Carakki



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Posted 16 January 2015 - 12:34 AM

You are missing the elite line but this is a really nice post.

I'm not sure what you mean here. There weren't any Elite blaster write-ups that had no pictures, so they're not included here.

Thank you for the compliment, though!
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#5 Snoop Doggy doge

Snoop Doggy doge

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Posted 16 January 2015 - 02:49 AM

Oh I have some elite write ups that can include no pics,
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