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Your first NIC war and your first blaster

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Poll: If you have not been to an NIC war (a nerf war organized on a nerf forum like this site) skip to the end and click the 'view results (null vote)' button at the bottom of the poll. (117 member(s) have cast votes)

The first time you went to an NIC war (a nerf war organized on a nerf forum like this site) did you buy a primary, borrow one, or make your own? (If you used more than one, check all that apply)

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If you built or modded your own, did it break or stop working? (If you brought more than one, check all that apply)

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Did your primary have performance or reliability problems? (If you brought more than one, check all that apply)

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What do you use currently? (check all that apply)

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When was your first NIC nerf war?

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#1 Langley


    LGLF - Since 2002

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Posted 16 September 2014 - 02:38 PM

Looking for info on what people do at their first war. Let me know in your reply what you actually used.

To get the ball rolling, I used an unmodified arrowstorm (firing mega stefans out of the arrow-holes) and a modified supersoaker xp150 at my first war. Probably the only shot I made was a perfect headshot on a member of my own team. I did a bunch of silly things with ariguns until I finally got myself a crossbow and learned to keep it simple.
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#2 hoongfu



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Posted 16 September 2014 - 03:02 PM

My first war was APOC 2011. I used a snap bow made by Cheerios with a wye/hopper and cpvc barrel.
I was shooting #6 slugs made by Demon Lord. Actually at the last war I was at I found one of the darts I used at APOC (Pink foam, green felt, has an 'H' written on the back).

I think this was FA's last APOC and hydrocannonkid's first ;)

Addition: It worked great all day long. I was able to get some key positions in carpe and pin down part of the opposing team due to the hopper's dart capacity.

If you read this, thank you so much Cheerios!

I also had a CPVC breeched longshot from some person here but it didn't feed properly and chopped up darts so I never used it and ended up selling it later on.

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#3 Daniel Beaver

Daniel Beaver


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Posted 16 September 2014 - 03:08 PM

My first war was in 2008, I used an AT3k with CPVC barrels. Ram rodding darts was a pain in the ass, but it shot pretty hard. I bought a busted up old 4B at that war, and ended up using that with a ghetto RSCB clip as my primary for the next war.

Nowadays, I use a mix of pump-action SNAPs that I built, or homemades I bought from Ryan.

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#4 Avatar of WoeBrian

Avatar of WoeBrian


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Posted 16 September 2014 - 04:40 PM

First war if I recall correctly was Armageddon 2003 when it was still in Irvine. I think I came late so there wasn't really enough time for my blaster to really die on me but I believe I was using my old SuperMaxx 1500 with just 1/2" PVC barrels firing Airjet Micros, Larami, and Megas(whenever I found one that fit snugly at the front of my barrels). It died on me before going to Armageddon 2004. I stopped going to NIC after 2004 and came back in 2013. Acquired a crossbow that I let my friend(Korn3d) make some homemade internals for me which I rock a speedloader. Somewhere in the gap of my absence, everything began to fire lasers with absurd rate of fire(hoppers haha).
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#5 Aeromech



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Posted 16 September 2014 - 04:44 PM

First War was Grid Code 2014 when I still thought a rainbow was a phenomena of light refraction. The truth is much more horrifying.

I used a Voltage modded and minimized stampede that I still use today. My second primary was a Stock Alpha Trooper with my elongated Retaliator stock. Stampede worked well but had one nasty jam halfway through. I switched between the two blasters once or twice throughout the day.

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#6 Drev



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Posted 16 September 2014 - 05:24 PM

My first war was APOC 2014. First round I used my Eagles themed ESLT, but I switched to my bullpup for the rest of the day. My rainbowpump started acting up on my friend so he used the ESLT the rest of the day. The bullpup held up fantastically and had zero problems. It was also hitting better ranges than it ever had before. I'm still impressed that the bullpup design worked so well.
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#7 Thorn



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Posted 16 September 2014 - 05:47 PM


My first war was Armageddon 2014. I used my ESLT blaster for a few rounds till it broke (Not a design flaw, turns out I messed up and didn't fasten the funny wye correctly). Then I switched to my pumpsnap for the rest of the day. I used pink foam silicone domes for my darts. I won team deathmatch with my ESLT blaster and a bunch of speed rounds with my pumpsnap so I'd say they both worked pretty well. I have since fixed the ESLT.

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#8 snakerbot


    Maker of Things

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Posted 16 September 2014 - 06:31 PM

I brought an RFSG and hoppered 4B to my first war in the summer of '11. The 4B had no problems all day, while the RFSG lost a barrel, which I wrapped in tape and shoved back in between rounds. I currently use an extension spring bullpup rainbow as my primary, sometimes switching to whichever is the least broken on that day of a homemade internals Crossbow, and a petg-barreled Supermaxx 1000.
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#9 Jlego


    One Armed Clan

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Posted 16 September 2014 - 08:07 PM

First war Gnomefest4 in August of 2005, thanks to going in school in Hoboken and One Man Clan being cool enough to drive out of his way to pick me up.

Ran around with a AT2k/Splitfire/Powerclip/Crossbow for most of the day, it was pretty fantastic. Little did Langley know that several years later I'd be helping (debatable) to run Gnomefests and other LGLF events.

Those 200x wars are good proof that a 8-12 person war is frequently the best war.
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#10 Apollo256



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Posted 16 September 2014 - 08:47 PM

My first war was for Falcon's birthday in 2003. I had my lock n' load and sharpshooter II.
First NIC war was Geddon 2005. I had a crayola'd Supermaxx 1500 and the old lnl.
Good times.
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#11 Ice Nine

Ice Nine

    Prince Dangus

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Posted 17 September 2014 - 03:28 AM

My first Nerf Internet Community war was a YANO in the beginning of 2004. I brought a singled SuperMaxx 750 and an Uruk-Hai Crossbow, and used stefans I had bought on eBay. Nothing broke, thankfully. There were six people at the war and one of them left in the middle of the day. It was extremely fun.

Now I mostly use the 4BJAX that I made, or one of Ryan's homemade blasters. I'm refinishing a Danger Zone so we'll see if that enters back into the rotation at all.

I'll be interested to see how this poll turns out. I imagine there's going to be a pretty big shift around 2008 for both homemades and purchased homemades; I wouldn't speculate about such a thing happening for modifications but I recall that commissions first started to get pretty big around 2009/2010.
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#12 NerfMonkey



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Posted 17 September 2014 - 10:39 AM

DCNO on January 21, 2006. You were going to go, Langley, but I think you had car troubles or something. It ended up being me, Hersh, Groove, and a kid from PA named Vince who rode with me and my mom to the war. I used a Max Shot with a CPVC barrel that shot about 65'.

Vince and I hardly knew each other, and it was really fucking awkward having two weird guys and a mom in one hotel room.
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#13 Zorns Lemma

Zorns Lemma

    Sir Scrt

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Posted 17 September 2014 - 05:50 PM

In 2008 Ice Nine introduced me to the Nerf hobby and in 2009 I hosted (and thus attended) my first war.

1: What?
2: I blame Demon Lord

- Seeing BadWrench's RC tank-truck first hand
- Being able to match faces to names
- Having my 3B fire on par with the plethora of PAS's (granted, wind gave a 40' range ceiling), despite having it being constructed 20 mins before the war started
- Watching mindlord pull off some insane rushes
- Rocking dual mavs during pistols
- $5 BBB (no springs, but I use industrial springs anyways)

- Jumping sideways to shoot Ice9 with dual mavericks in an attempt to dodge him; I hit him, but got hit anyways, and then hit the ground. Hard.
- Cutting my fingers/hands on brass
- Nitemav failing miserably due to the cold
- Not paying attention while reloading and having br1fm ninja me from behind

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#14 sublimedom777



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Posted 17 September 2014 - 08:51 PM

My first war with other NIC memebrs (I hosted it) was Like Nerfing a Dead Horse I was using an AR removed Longshot, and a brassed BBB with like 6" of exposed brass as the barrel. I may have also had a moderately modded NF. The Wasko Bros. STOMPED me. My fullest memory is charging a guy who had a stock B'n'A with my BBB. I missed my shot, and fled/rolled down a hill. I got up, and charged him with a crayola'd crossfire, only to have it break, and I fled/rolled down the hill again. Also, I had very silly ideas about how nerfing should work...

The first real NIC war was the beautiful JMWasko's Clash of Steel Beta. We had 20-ish people, and I rolled with a speedloadered Maximizer. That was back when I was still reppin' Pittsburgh Allied Nerfers. At that war I met Nerfmonkey and Flamincows. I can't believe it's been so long. Just a few short months after that war we started having monthly events, created the Sex Dwarves, and then became lazy and never did anything ever again.


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#15 Griever 2112

Griever 2112


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Posted 18 September 2014 - 08:35 AM

My first war was NJNO after the 2011 APOC. I had my modded Alpha Trooper, which worked pretty good in her first outing. A modded Spectre, and my Vulcan (totally stock) I got wrecked most of the day, but I got good shots here and there. It was a ton of fun and everyone was super cool. I honestly couldn't wait to do it again. I know I got into the game later than most (years and age) But everyone was supportive, giving me tips and just made it an overall positive experience. It also gave my friend John the nerfing bug, he loved it as much as I did.
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#16 Scixer5



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Posted 19 September 2014 - 08:02 PM

My first war was Neno 8. I showed up with a snapbow mk5 that I made myself, and 150-200 darts. It worked fine for the war, but lacked the rate of fire that bump action blasters had.

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#17 Snoop Doggy doge

Snoop Doggy doge

    Fig you, Van

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Posted 19 September 2014 - 08:11 PM


The first time I went to an NIC war, it was APOC 2014. I had my tacticool retaliator and it never failed me, only i failed it. (All locks removed, Accidentally double loaded) Sure i was getting outranged, but I mostly tried to help and assist. I still use my Mil-Spec (My tacticool retaliator) and I will always bring it. (for freeze tag for sure) I don't mind getting picked last, I will always be any noobs friend and make them feel welcome.
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#18 Lord Draconical

Lord Draconical


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Posted 20 September 2014 - 07:30 PM

My first war was hosted by Rogue somewhere in Florida in the late fall of 2010 (I think). I used a quadshot I modded myself (even made a video of the process). It worked hard all day and kept me competitive, but it was also the same war that NoM debuted his pumpsnap 1.0's for the first time. He let me borrow a tornado bow for the last few rounds of the day and when it was all said and done I handed him my wallet and asked him to take whatever was fair to make me something. He took far less than he deserved that time because hes a great guy.

Now I rock a modified crossbow I made myself and whatever NoM's latest gift to me is (currently a bloodwood rainbowpump that needs a name). I havent had to make darts since my first war either, which is one reason the SE kicks so much butt.
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#19 DX-Robert


    formerly DX

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Posted 23 September 2014 - 11:41 PM

My first NIC war was Apoc 2006. I had crap pistols for blasters (1st gen Mavs, Secret Shot barreled for megas) and didn't know that my SM 1500 could even *be* modded, so Evil lent me a Maxshot to use. I made up for not being able to hit anything by becoming one with the trees and bushes at Mill Creek. My first good kill was a sneaky turn-around-drop-down move on one of the Horsemen when they crashed Apoc with newly released Longshots.

NIC Nerf took some getting used to, as the playing style was (still is?) quite different from water wars, my native game at the time. Once I got a Maxshot ($20) of my own, and then a Maximizer ($28), shit got real. I never really gave up trying to use water war playing styles in Nerf and that gave me a fairly distinctive physical and psychological edge. It's been a pretty wild ride, from "Parkway" to "orange tape" to "BEES!" to "Faddle Battle!" to "freight elevator" to "WATCH OUT FOR DX". In 2006, I was being run into the trees. Now, I literally run other people into trees.

Currently, I use reshelled and unshelled 4B contraptions, and sometimes bring out aging springer homemades built by others. Nerf for me has always been about fighting first and modding a distant second, so never got into the building craze, and have neither the tools nor the patience to do better than a 10 year old would on a basic SNAP. The fun for me is on the battlefield and that's where I influence the NIC. I would *like to think* *hope* that years of flanking people, rushing them, and pushing them around the field has made a lot of NE and Mid-Atlantic nerfers better and stronger opponents.
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#20 C-A 99

C-A 99


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Posted 06 October 2014 - 08:01 PM

My first game was at Grid Code last year and then I played an NIC-style game with my Nerf group in OH. At first, I saw the open fields with sparse cover and said "meh" to Apoc. Now I regret missing 2014 and will line up to join 2015's.

I've always been primarily a stock-class player and never got too far into modding. I had trouble researching the techniques, hardware, and designs used until I managed to talk to a specific Nerf vet who could answer a very high volume of incessantly annoying n00b questions. After blowing plenty of cash on various projects and McMaster orders, I'm starting to find my home in building. I ended up taking PETG-barreled AT2k's to the OH group's church wars and I've gotten alright at it.

Now I have some NIC-ready blasters almost fully prepped, and some more to work on. I don't have any means nor motivation to even think about bothering with homemade springers, so I'll stick to air blasters. Having built water blasters before this, it's what I know best and what I'm best at. Of course, I'll need to get a chrono and follow a good OPRV design as I go into building them. Right now, I'm not the laziest of modders, but I demand high combat capability improvements for a given unit of time and work put into a mod. (Meaning I find things like bullpup Retaliators to be a complete waste of time.)

Anyway, I'm hoping to get some more games in next year.

Edit: First blasters were a bunch of Mavericks back in '06. I slowly expanded my stock collection after that before getting into modded/NIC class.

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#21 bex



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Posted 09 October 2014 - 03:49 PM

First war was with SLANG at a park in Utah. I brought my slightly modified Rapidstrike CS-18. I added a 7.4V Lipo and a 35 round drum. I did okay until I had to defend a hill. Since that war, I have plasti-dipped the flywheels, swapped in new motors, and switched the barrel. I will be changing the barrel again and re-wiring the whole gun to get rid of all the restrictions.
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