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Nerf war UK weston super mare

HvZ,TD and CTf outdoor game

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Posted 11 May 2014 - 07:23 AM

Hi guys im new here i usually use other forums but hey heres my war post for nerfers in england

I'm creating a Nerf war event in Weston super Mare area . The location is Weston/uphill(uphill side of town) woods . This will be the 14th June 11:00 until 3:00(ish).
people expected/needed 16-50

link to map : http://api.viglink.c...wg.kPMSB4ULH1e0

All blaster types welcome (under 135fps) Modified and stock however eye protection is suggested. All ages 10-100 Welcome.

Provide your own darts ; free to take part .

If you have any interest or questions feel free to pm me .


Team A ; what's left of the Army
Team B; crazy scientists

if people would like to L.A.R.P their teams it would be good.

Arrive on corner (grass patch) by weston university/college the south side of town (not the one on the seafront) Its pretty much diagonally accross from the hospital . Get into teams do ammo checks, safety/game rules briefing,blaster fps checks, and generally getting to know people .

11:30-11:35 HvZ;rules
All humans stick together for Hvz approximately 2-5 start as zombies (depending on how many turn up. ) zombies will start in the middle probably marked by hazard tape/ribbon or a flag, they will have to tag the players (by hand not dart) to turn them to zombies. to stun a z it is 1 shot to the chest , they then stay where they are for 45 seconds . Humans will wear bandanna's or cloth tied around their right arm (maybe vests). If you become a zombie put you blaster on your back or somewhere safe on the playing grounds.

End game and regroup in centre of playing ground (will show where it is on day or email out maps) Team deathmatch/ctf rules run through .Dart sweep if needed.

team death match+capture the flag
This is a simple 2 team capture the flag . 1 dart to stun. if person holding flag is stunned they drop the flag where it is, go to their teams spawn box and wait 60 seconds (stopwatches may be provided). Game ends when one team has got the oppositions flag back to their own spawn box . A few games of this may be played. Team B will wear bandanna's or rags tied to their arm. unlimited re-spawns.Until both flags are in one spawn box and the game is won.

regroup, dart sweep and rules of next game

HvZ/team Edit
Its a simple Hvz game although there are 2 different teams of humans (they do not shoot each other) and 2 zombies to start. the first team to be fully infected loses.

3;10-whenever it ends
Team death match .
3 lives

debrief , dart sweep, clear up and go home Smile

also if anyone wants to edit this or help i would be grateful.

5 years after it all started theres a small orginization of the army (team A) with the cure for these half dead creatures that have been made . They have been trapped in a wood on their way to get the cure to london, zombies have been spotted along with some humans (team B) . scouts and researchers brought evidence that these sick people are trying to prevent the cure and stop at nothing to ruin civilization, .....which team will you support?


Blasters no more than 135 fps

Eye protection needed.

homemade darts are allowed although they can not have plastic or metal tips .

Word of warning you will lose darts , bring your own . You can pick up others darts off the floor . keep track of how many darts you brought to the event and at the end of each event do a dart sweep and distribute as near to peoples first amount as possible . Any left over people can take . Do not mark darts as theres not time to sort who's darts were who's. Be prepared to come with 100 and go home with 80 if not enough are found.

Ways to stun:
1 dart hit body

1 to body

Two squad captains will be picked by me (or other planners ) to choose team mates for the day, teams that are picked will stay that way, need help finding a way to identify teams e.g bandannas if anyone can bring them.

One team will wear them on their right arm.

Homemade blasters.
Home made blasters welcome (on the condition they are not to powerful 135 fps).

Could people please spread the word of the event share to other forums facebook and friends it would be great. A lot of planning has gone into this.

contact me through facebook or britnerf

fb: https://www.facebook...46180255?ref=hl
Britnerf : rob.payne5236

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