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Post-Derby war

Louisville, KY

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Posted 27 April 2014 - 05:24 PM

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Come sweat out your hangover Nerf style.

Where Should I Go?
Cherokee park
745 Cochran Hill Rd
Louisville, KY 40206

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We will start at the Frisbee field location and if more space is needed then we will move to the tennis courts. The game areas are marked in red and parking is in yellow.

How do I get there?
All directions are from the intersection of Eastern Parkway & Bardstown Rd

Frisbee Field
Enter the park from Eastern Parkway and turn right onto Scenic Loop. Turn left after Dingle Rd to stay on Scenic Loop. Make another left at Beargrass Rd, then one more left at Beals Branch Rd. The next street is Cochran Hill Rd, the game area is on the corner and parking is across the street on Scenic Loop.

Tennis Courts
Turn Right on to Cherokee Rd at the round-a-bout at the entrance of the park from Eastern Parkway. Follow Cherokee Rd until it meets Barret Hill Rd and turn right. The tennis courts will be on the left with parking in front. If you pass Park Boundary Rd you have gone too far. The game area is directly behind the tennis courts.

Navigating the park can be a bit confusing, so if you don’t understand the directions or get lost hit me with a PM.

When should I be there?
Sunday May 4th
Between 2pm and 6pm

What are The Rules?
-This war is for un-modified stock darts only.
-Melee is cool.
-Eye protection mandatory no exceptions.
-No head shots of any kind will be allowed.
-No shields. Blaster hits count.
-Blaster/melee bans will be on a case by case basis. If you can shoot yourself in the head at point blank range without injury then we will most likely allow it.

What games might we play?
Meat grinder
Defend the core
Capture the Flag

There will be dart sweeps between every round(the perfect time to brag/trash talk). Any other suggestions are welcome, but we would like to keep the game play short and the rules simple.

What should I leave at home?
-Negative attitude, remember we came to play games so relax and have a good time.
-Blasters painted black or camo that you tried to make look realistic because you cant be trusted with a real firearm. You will be ridiculed for your silliness and your blaster will be covered in stupid pink tape.
-Sluggs, stephans, and what-have-you. This war is for stock darts only.

What should I bring with me?
-Blasters/melee, we will do several pistol rounds so bring those as well. Don’t have a blaster? Don’t worry there will be loaners.
-Ammo, there will be some to share but the more the merrier. Un-modified stock foam only.
-Water, there are no facilities at either location so bring lots of it.
-Eye protection.
-Stuff to trade/sell. Let’s see what you got!!!
-Costumes are welcome!!

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Posted 10 May 2014 - 10:41 AM

May the fourth was a good day to be a Nerfer in Kentucky. Surprisingly the Hammershots ruled the day as we blasted our way through a few Meatgrinders, Defend the Core, Juggernaut, and a cutthroat Gunslinger round. We will do another one between the 20-22 of May. I will post it here when the final details come together.

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No mercy for the Juggernaut!
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