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What kind of battery should I use to voltage mod a stampede

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Posted 03 December 2013 - 04:21 PM

What kind of battery should I use for voltage moding a stampede? I have seen people use trust fires and I have seen some people use rechargeable RC batteries I want to know which is the best. So if anybody can help me out I would sure appreciate it.
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#2 archangel24



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Posted 03 December 2013 - 04:41 PM

Welcome to NH, there is a thing called the search function on this forum as well as a wonderful site called "Google", it is highly recommended that you use them as most people do not like spoon-feeding info to n00bs and FNGs. But this is your first post/thread and you seem to have some info about what batteries can be used so that's good enough.

As far as battery types go, R/C packs are good because they have varying currents, are sealed packs, and are simple to hook up. Trustfires/Ultrafires are good if the blaster you are using utilized "AA" sized battery cell trays and have high voltage and require little to no battery pack modification and that's about it. They lack a good high current, and if you use to many, they will diddle your motors and circuitry.
Honestly, R/C packs and LiPo batteries are the way to go, the former being the easier and safer of the two. Overall for modding, stampedes are near obsolete because the battery pack/tray is housed in the sock of the blaster, they are noisy, and have mechanical flaws when you increase the voltage and/or spring power.
I would, and so would most others, recommend a rapidstrike or stryfe if you are going to use a battery operated nerf blaster.

TL;DR, go with R/C packs or just buy a damn rapidstrike or stryfe along with new motors and be careful with overvolting. Azrael has a thread on motors to use, look into Tamiya hyperdashes I think it is along with LiPo batteries.
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#3 Phree Agent

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Posted 04 December 2013 - 02:03 AM

I have the exact same battery packs and set up as this mod: http://nerfhaven.com...howtopic=20658.

I also have at least 1 of the chargers, probably both. If you are interested, send me a PM.
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#4 Draconis


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Posted 04 December 2013 - 02:41 AM

Personally, I use 18650 Lithium Ion cells in almost all of the electric blasters I use.
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Posted 04 December 2013 - 03:05 PM

My personal 'pede is runnin a 4 cell Turnigy 1600 mAh Lipo with a 20-30c discharge (comes out to about 16.8v at a full charge). I also got an OMW 2.5x spring in it, it empties an 18 straight in just about 4 seconds flat. I haven't had any issues with this set up and have been running it for 3 years (6 games of HvZ). I would highly recommend it if you got the money to spend on batteries and a balance charger.

Edit: I also LOVE my stampede, but then again, I really don't like the flywheel blasters for HvZ because of the rev time. Zombies come on too fast to have to wait to rev up your gun, but that's just my opinion. They may be outdated and old, but I will always love my minimized 'pede.

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