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HAMNO 2.12.1 (?)

HvZ Extravaganza

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Posted 18 November 2013 - 10:21 AM

Location: Hensel Park, 200 Nagle Street, College Station, Tx
Date/Time: Sunday, December 8, 11 AM-Mission Time

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This war is going to be a bit different. We'll still do a few standard rounds, but there's going to be a bigger focus on HvZ, up to and including a mini-game/mini-mission depending on the Mods' standpoint.

What to bring:
-Eye Protection. No more getting hurt.
-Your HvZ Gear: Blasters, socks, bandanas, etc.
-Frisbees. Seriously.
-Sock'Em Boppers or Hulk Hands
-Pool Noodles
-Brightly-Colored Socks or Otherwise "Marked" Socks
-Lots and Lots of Ammo
-Rocket Launchers
-Boffer-Appropriate Melee, especially Shields
-Any Zombie-Themed Props you might own.

What Not to Bring:
-Overly powerful blasters, like a singled Titan or whatnot.
-Crap darts. No exposed metal, please. I personally don't care if you're shooting slugs or domes or stock darts or what have you, but let's not go crazy.
-Camo/Black/Realistic blasters. Historically this hasn't been a problem.

Games played: Free-for-all, pistols, horribles, melee, and the mini-mission. Follow AUGS on Facebook for more information there (or check out the forums on tamuhvz.com).
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