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HAMNO "10".1

Yes, it's in November. Deal with it.

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Posted 23 October 2013 - 06:48 AM

Location: Hensel Park, 200 Nagle Street, College Station, Tx
Date/Time: Sunday, November 3, 11 AM-Mission Time

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This is a fairly typical pre-HvZ war. Let's get the word out, get a lot of newbies to show up, and have lots of fun. I will be bringing my HvZ arsenal to loan out for the mission. Let's get the Humans a lot of fun toys and then make sure they die anyway. Remember, a zombie victory means everybody wins!

What to bring:
-Eye Protection (seriously, guys, let's not get hurt). If you have multiple pairs of safety glasses, please bring them along, just in case.
-Blasters: Primary, Secondary, Etc.
-Loaners: If we get a group of newcomers, these will be very important.
-Horribles: Bring at least one truly crap blaster/pistol/what-have-you. Bring more if you can so we can all goof off.
-Pistols: Bring them. Again, we'll likely do a non-horrible pistol round.
-Ball Blasters: Guys, I really like ball rounds. Let's bring them back.
-Rocket Launchers, arrows, disc launchers, anything that fires wacky stuff is great!
-Melee: Everyone seems to really love our melee rounds and they will continue.
-Your HvZ gear. Obviously
-Stuff for trading. Work it out in this thread or just bring some choice items. Most of us have a decent collection, so bringing a bunch of crap will just wear you out.
-Bring your own hydration. While I miss the cooler, I make enough trips to and from the car as it is!
-Darts. Lots of them. There's practically no grass where we've been playing, but you will lose some.
-Good attitude, but that goes without saying.
-FRIENDS. Get people to show up. We have plenty of loaners and we're not going to expand without promoting a little.

What Not to Bring:
-Overly powerful blasters, like a singled Titan or whatnot.
-Crap darts. No exposed metal, please. I personally don't care if you're shooting slugs or domes or stock darts or what have you, but let's not go crazy.
-Camo/Black/Realistic blasters. Historically this hasn't been a problem.

Games played: Lots of free-for-all 3:15, some team/wingman games, likely melee and horrible rounds, the rest depends on attendance. If we get a decent size group, objective games will be played heavily.
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Posted 23 October 2013 - 10:45 AM

Put me down as a maybe.
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