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Surviving the Apocalypse: Rules and Etiquette

tl;dr No barrel taps, gun hits count, don't be a dick

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Blaster and dart restrictions, and the requirement for eye protection are in the Main Apoc Thread.

The rules for 3-15 Deathmatch and other gametypes are in the List of Gametypes thread


General Courtesy
Don't touch anyone's stuff without asking.

Pick up all darts when you dart sweep, and put darts that are not yours in the community dart bin, so other people can retrieve their ammo. You can use whatever you pick up during a round, but when the round is over, you should give back any ammo that doesn't belong to you.

Don't run off into the woods and hide, or endlessly run away, and expect anyone to come looking for you if you separated from your team or they have been eliminated. Play aggressively, and participate in the round, or you will be ignored.

Be prepared to play. When a round is starting, pay attention to the round enforcer and try to keep things moving. If your gear breaks, or you run out of ammo, don't expect anyone to wait on you.

Don't shoot anyone who is not playing. Do not shoot anyone outside of a round.

Equipment and Attire
You may not use silver, black, or camouflage colors on your blaster. An orange tip is not enough. If your blaster resembles a firearm, paintball gun, or airsoft gun, we may require that you cover a large portion in orange duct tape. Blasters must look like a toy.

Do not wear an all-black, camoflage, military, or law enforcement style uniform/clothing. For example, if you want to wear camo/bdu pants, wear a bright t-shirt or other non-military attire. Do not wear a matching BDU shirt, olive drab t-shirt, etc.

Do not wear a mask. Paintball, airsoft, or costume masks are not permitted. Headshots are not encouraged, so safety goggles or glasses should be enough.

Tapping and Calling Tap
For the sake of simplicity, barrel tapping is not allowed. You are welcome to shoot your opponent at point blank. If you do not want to be shot at point blank, you can call "Tap" to signal that you are voluntarily taking a hit to avoid being shot. You may not barrel tap another player, or insist that they take a 'tap'.

Calling a 'Hold'
At any time during a round, anyone can call "Hold", which will temporarily stop that round. Players should repeat the call of Hold so that all other players hear, until the round stops completely. If a pedestrian is walking through the field, if a player is injured or if there is some other threat to personal safety, you are obligated to call hold. You can call a hold to pause the game and sort out some issue that is not a matter of personal safety, but do not abuse it.

Getting Tagged and Tagging Other Players
If you stop a dart from moving or significantly alter its course, you are tagged. Take a hit. Anything touching your body that might alter or stop the dart's path counts. This includes but is not limited to your clothing, blaster, bandanna, shoes, holster, and backpack.

Gun hits count. If a dart strikes your gun, regardless of how or where you are holding it, you are tagged.

Ricochets do not count. You do not have to take a hit from a dart that bounced off of a wall, the ground or another person before it hit you. If you are not sure if a hit is a ricochet, just take the hit.

Hits to the face DO count. Do not intentionally shoot another player in the face or head when it is possible to shoot someone in the torso/center of mass.

No blind firing. You must be able to see some part of your opponent while you are firing on them.

Calling Hits
Do not call a hit on another player while the dart is still in the air. Do not call a hit unless it appears that your target has ignored or failed to notice that they were tagged. If you constantly call hits while the dart is in the air or when the dart actually missed, you will be warned and possibly removed from the game.

Talking during a round/Arguing over hits
Do not get into an argument over whether you were tagged. If someone insists that they tagged you, and you did not see whether the dart hit, just take the hit. Be polite, and be honorable. It’s just a game. If someone is repeatedly making bad calls or otherwise causing an issue, tell a round enforcer after the round is over and they will deal with it. Arguing about a hit does not exclude you from being hit. If someone hits you because you were not paying attention and were talking to another player, it still counts. If you need to stop the round, you can call "Hold" but otherwise you are in play and fair game.

Clearing In and Spawning In
When you are hit during 3-15 or other deathmatch type games, you must ‘clear in’ in a timely manner. Count down out loud and point your blaster down at the ground or up at the sky while you are counting in. Make sure that there are no members of the other team within your range, and then shout CLEAR so that nearby players know you are back in the game.

You have to clear near your team. You cannot clear in a position where you could gain a tactical advantage. This includes gaining territory and flanking the opponent. Do not clear in behind members of the opposing team.

When you play a game with spawn points, you do not have to clear in away from other players unless specified for the game type. Count down out loud (if there is a count) and shout CLEAR as with the above rules, but you may immediately fire on anyone within range of your spawn point.

Do not move the bunkers during play.

If a bunker falls over, you may pick it up and place it back in the original position, or leave it where it lies.

If the bunker forms a closed shape, you may not enter the inside of that shape.

You may not shoot through a space in the frame or hole in the bunker.

If a dart passes through the tarp and hits you, you do not have to take the hit, but there had better be proof that the dart went through the bunker.

Do not lean on, climb on, or otherwise put weight on the bunker.

Do not use the bunker for blind firing, and do not peer through holes or gaps in the bunker while shooting around the outside edge.

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