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M.A.N.O. 2013 Summer series 4/7

Milwaukee Area Nerf Outing

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Posted 03 July 2013 - 12:06 AM

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This is going to be a set of wars that will happen twice a month, at the same location for the duration of summer.

Dates: July 14th & 28th, August 11th & 25th (All are Sundays')

Time: 12ish - 5ish

Where: Picnic Area #3

Address for your mapping site of choice: Park Dr, West Allis, WI 53227

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Relevant rule changes:

~ Limit of 3 weapons/shields on you at anytime

~ You are not out if you catch projectiles with only your hand.

~ You can choose to be a "Walker" Zombie, loosing anything except handtag and you may only walk, but you are invincible. During zombie rounds only. Or not. We won't judge.

~ Homemades may now also be allowed if they are pistol-esque

What to bring:

+ At least 1 pistol for the pistol rounds. Clipped stuff counts as a pistol if 6-shot clips are used.
+ Melee Weapon if preferred. Your melee weapon can only be 1-4 feet long and less than 1 ft wide. Any melee weapon may be disallowed if I deem it unsafe.
+ Enough ammo. If you do not have ammo, don't worry, we have a community bucket going. (However, our bucket could always use a re-fill if you feel like donating)
+ Eye protection is mandatory
+ A bag lunch with plenty of water or some other type of drink
+ Appropriate clothing. Or inappropriate. We're not picky.

What not to bring:

- Slugs/Stefans/Glue domes
- Modified stock ammo
- Anything painted entirely black, silver, or any form of camouflage
- Douchy attitude

Relevant Information:

~ Don't be afraid to ask questions! The only dumb question is the one not asked.

~ Anybody is welcome to attend, including family and friends. Said people should be 13 years of age or older due to general shenanigans

~ Homemades are only allowed if they shoot large ammo (Arrows, Balls ect. ) or are pistol-esque (in both range and size)

~ West coast rule-set

~ A hit is defined as the projectile in question changing direction upon the striking the player first. If there is a dispute, the host is right. Please don't break the flow of rounds over hits, it's just a game.

~ If any guns have any sharp or pointy objects on it, try and duct tape it down. This is mainly for Toaster boy. Hopefully he'll show up for once

~ Barrel taps: if you think you have to barrel tap with something at a stock-ammo war, you're doing it wrong

~ Limit of 3 weapons/shields on you at anytime

~ Shields are allowed in rounds where classes are not involved, for primaries you may have a small shield, pistol; medium, melee...just don't bring a brick wall or something.

~ Blasters block darts in the same manner that shields do

~ Shields are broken by large ammo and count as a hit.

Possible Game-types:

Chaos/Meatgrinder/Shenanigans/Immortal/Style/Pattycake round

Zombie/Killing floor

Freeze Tag


Capture the Flag

Attack / Defend

Experimental rounds (Always taking suggestions!)

+ More

After party
We typically go to Pizza hut/Taco bell after wars, here's the address for it:
11011 West National Avenue, West Allis, WI 53227

Steam Group: http://steamcommunit...groups/MANONerf
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Posted 14 July 2013 - 10:31 AM

To anybody attending today's war: We will be having a post war cookout with burgers and brats. I"m bringing a cooler full of ice and drinks anybody is free to use. See y'all in a few hours!
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