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Silencing a Max Shot

Can it be done?

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#1 Jimu RetroGuru

Jimu RetroGuru


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Posted 20 March 2013 - 04:09 PM

All right, so I just scored a Lanard MaxShot off Ebay, and it is WICKED! From what I can tell it lives up to its reputation as being OBSCENELY overpowered.

It's also VERY LOUD! I've already taken a mod out of SGNerf's playbook and put a foam pad on the plunger head but it STILL makes a racket with every shot. It sounds like the spring is ringing.

Any ideas for noise-suppressing this thing? Trolls step away from the keyboard, I already tried the mod directory and the search function.

So far the only mods I've made are the plunger padding and a CPVC coupler with a dart stop.
Seeing as how the MaxShot is also famous for EXPLODING, I'm not going to remove the lock keeping it from firing with the cocking lever up.

So, any ideas for noise reduction? I'd also appreciate any advice from other MaxShot owners.
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#2 Blue



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Posted 20 March 2013 - 05:28 PM

As someone who has owned a couple maxshots that have exploded or already been broken, I can tell you that you are mistaken thinking that leaving a lock in will stop it from exploding. If you plan on silencing your maxshot you are likely going to have to replace the seal because it is simply terrible. I put some time into replacing the plunger head and tube with a quadshot plunger head and tube but I lost interest and sold it before I could even try to see if it worked. I recommend you try to find a nice rubber/metal washer combo and to somehow replace the crossbar type style of plunger that the maxshot has. If you want to keep the current seal for now, try putting a couple layers of teflon tape UNDER the seal.
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#3 Goldie



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Posted 20 March 2013 - 06:21 PM

There's not a whole lot left for you too do.

I tried years ago to make a string stop for one of my max-shot's, I didn't really work like I wanted to and in the end the blaster broke because of the mod.

I nerfed with a guy a few years ago that told me he packed the shell with great stuff expanding foam. I have no idea if it work for him. Maybe worth a try?

Someone else told me about there idea to replace the plunger tube with something longer in an effort to stop the plunger head from hitting. I cant really advise this because this could really mess up your blaster.

I think Beaver has a max-shot full of socks? Can someone confirm this?
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#4 makeitgo



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Posted 21 March 2013 - 01:38 PM

SilentScope over in Australia did a nice overhaul a while ago. He used a drain plug as a plunger head replacement and did a plunger tube replacement as well.
From what I understand, the Max Shot is very prone to breaking. The spring rest in particular is often the first thing to go. ANy hollow should be filled in and reinforced. I'm inspired to dig mine out and do my own overhaul.

SilentScopes overhaul can be found here.

The 'spring-ring' is just the vibration of the spring rattling against the plunger rod. There's nothing you can do about that other than replacing the spring with something of a different size.

Also, if it seems like the smashing of the plunger head into the end of the plunger tube is excessively loud, it's most likely that your barrel isn't long enough. ie the dart has left the barrel too early. The dart should exit the barrel juuuussssst before the plunger head hits the end of the plunger tube. Kind of like plugging the barrel with your finger to dry fire so it 'cushions' the blow.
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