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The Last War of D.G.~Cincinnati war

This will be the last war of dez

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#1 chop



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Posted 01 March 2013 - 11:43 AM

The reasoning behind this is after the 29th she will no longer be miss Dez G, since we get married in two weeks. Let's get a big turn out.

Time: June 15 11:00am - when ever

Location: Dunham park
4320 Guerley Road
Cincinnati, OH 45238

Secondary location: Rapid run park
6345 Rapid Run Rd,
Cincinnati, OH 45238

What to Bring:
Eye Protection (Anyone under 18 must be wearing some during rounds)
Some friends
A Good supply or darts
back up blaster

What not to bring:
Real weapons
Narcotics or Alcohol
Realistically painted blasters
Singled Titans, bbbb, mega missles, singled 5ks
Homemade Airguns
Most air blasters will be subject review

Game types:
witch doctor
swong's last stand
single life death match
carpe testiculum
defend the core

slugs and stock (since our goal is the thousand hands playground stock darts is preferred)

father time
dukewinter maul +1

archangel 24

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#2 Langley


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Posted 06 March 2013 - 05:58 PM

Added to the 2016 Nerf War Schedule. In the future, please post in the schedule thread, and I ask that you put the city, state, and date in the title and/or subtitle of the thread. Thanks, have a good war!
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2016 Nerf War Schedule
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#3 Duke Wintermaul

Duke Wintermaul


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Posted 17 May 2013 - 01:32 AM

Confirmed + 1. What time are you thinking it will wrap up? Also, are Z-tech bows allowed? If yes, I'm a plus 2.
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#4 chop



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Posted 19 May 2013 - 07:37 PM

I don't see a problem with them and wrap up is when ever everyone is too tired to continue
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#5 Twitch



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Posted 24 May 2013 - 06:46 AM

I'll be there.
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#6 Duke Wintermaul

Duke Wintermaul


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Posted 13 June 2013 - 03:47 PM

Any news about change of site or anything relevant chop?

Two more days.
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#7 chop



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Posted 15 June 2013 - 09:27 AM

everyone will up there around 11:30 noonish i'll be leaving shortly its the big playground we are aiming for up the hill at dunham complex
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#8 father time

father time


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Posted 15 June 2013 - 07:27 PM

Had a good time, even though my snap kept jamming. Was lots of fun till the natives got restless, and started trying to catch a snake, which attracted too many people and the little kids kept running across the field. We then moved to Bold Face where, we had it all to ourselves, and played for a few more hours.
Good to meet the newer (to Cincy)Nerfers, DukeWinter Maul, and his friends, as well as our new Puerto Rican Nerfer Josh. I believe Josh will be here for about a month and a half so we have to get another war together, outside UC soon. Sorry to see his motors COOK in his first war.
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