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Wars in Coral Springs, Florida

MDDC - Short Notice, but these wars are frequent

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Posted 27 January 2013 - 07:02 PM

Location: Sherwood Forest
1599 NW 91st Ave, Coral Springs, FL 33071

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Day: February 2nd (Saturday - I know that this is kind of a short notice, but these are held frequently.)

Time: 11:30 AM to whenever we get tired

MDDC stands for the Modern Day Dragon Coast. The Dragon Coast is a Dagorhir chapter that operates in South Florida, but we have decided to start hosting nerf wars in addition to our regular Dag games. As such, Dagorhir daggers and other weaponry is allowed but it really isn't used. (Try using a warhammer against a retaliator. That doesn't work.)


- No nerf-branded melee weapons. Our melee weapons are safer.

- Because this area in the state isn't yet accustomed to full-blown NIC wars, we will be using lightly modded to stock blasters until we become more established.

- Because of the above rule, I don't want to see any shit cannons or other ridiculous things that could potentially kill small animals. However, if you have a reasonable primary (like a plusbow) that you want to show off, bring it but don't use it. While some members of the MDDC have this equipment, not everyone does yet.

- Don't be a moron. We have the right to eject you from the playing area if you are being a douche bag or are being physically or legally unsafe (like shooting pedestrians).

- Blasters MUST have an orange tip at all times. No blasters may be painted all black or be entirely camouflaged.

- Bring water. If you are going to this, you probably live in Florida and already know this. You may also want to bring a bagged lunch.

- Stock ammo is preferred. If you really want to shoot stefans, make sure the thing isn't NIC war worthy. We are using mostly stock and lightly modded equipment, so let's keep this fair.


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See you guys on the field.
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