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End of a Year

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Posted 28 November 2012 - 01:07 PM

Another plug for the Facebook group. While it's not terribly active, it's useful for information and instant contact with a lot of us.


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Location: Humble City Park/Hilton C. Schott Park
8510 Will Clayton Drive Humble, TX 77396
Date/Time: Saturday, December 29th, 11 AM until we get tired (4?).

If you are coming off 59, park in the FIRST parking lot you get to (before the sign, even). We'll be over by the alpine trail in the nice, wooded area with lots of shade and cover. If you need better directions, PM me and I'll give you my number.

What to bring:
-Eye Protection (seriously, guys, let's not get hurt)
-Blasters: Primary, Secondary, Etc. Bring more if you'd like, and loaner blasters are very important if we want to expand. Give the newbies a taste.
-Horribles: Bring at least one truly crap blaster/pistol/what-have-you
-Ball Blasters: We are getting behind on the ball rounds. Bring more ball blasters! They're great!
-Rocket Launchers, arrows, disc launchers, anything that fires wacky stuff is great!
-Stuff for trading. Work it out in this thread or just bring some choice items. Most of us have a decent collection, so bringing a bunch of crap will just wear you out.
-Hydration. There will be a cooler full of blue Gatorade and bottled water if so needed, and donations are appreciated to cover said cost, but unnecessary.
-Melee is allowed and encouraged. Anything made by Nerf or within Dagohir/Amtgard guidelines is acceptable to me, although I reserve the right to spot-ban anything that I think is unsafe. Shields are more than fine as well, particularly if you're going melee. There WILL be melee rounds. We seem to like them a lot.
-Darts. Lots of them. There's practically no grass where we've been playing, but you will lose some.
-Good attitude, but that goes without saying.
-FRIENDS. Get people to show up. We have plenty of loaners and we're not going to expand without promoting a little.

What Not to Bring:
-Overly powerful blasters, like a singled Titan or whatnot.
-Crap darts. No exposed metal, please. I personally don't care if you're shooting slugs or domes or stock darts or what have you, but let's not go crazy.
-Camo/Black/Realistic blasters. Historically this hasn't been a problem.

Games played: Lots of free-for-all 3:15, some team/wingman games, likely melee and horrible rounds, the rest depends on attendance.

If people are interested, we can do a White Elephant Nerf thing. Let me know what you guys think.



Lots of us will be at TAMU the weekend of the 8th for the HvZ game there. If we are all interested, we can have a little impromptu war after the mission. Might be fun.
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