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Expand-a-blast Mod

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#1 elosodemuerte



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Posted 02 June 2004 - 02:33 PM

I went ahead and modified my little brother's Nerf HyperSight, or Expand-a-Blast last night, but I came upon a problem, no spring. Where can I find a stronger spring for the gun. On the cxwq mod he said he got the spring at OHS, and being the newbie I am, I have no idea what that means.
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#2 cxwq



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Posted 02 June 2004 - 03:08 PM

OSH = Orchard Supply Hardware

They have quite a few of them here on the left coast but I don't know how common they are elsewhere.

Check all the hardware stores in your area. It's pretty hit-or-miss but you'll usually find something that will work. If it's got the right coil count and wire gauge but is too long, remember you can always cut it to fit with a hacksaw or some tin snips.

Above all else, don't get anything that's more than about 50% stronger than the original. You don't want to destroy your catch mechanism after the first dozen shots.
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#3 Mantis



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Posted 02 June 2004 - 03:31 PM

If you mod the gun right, you don't have to worry much about the spring. I think i stretched mine once and it wasnt even much of a stretch. My point is, if you do the rest of the mod right, the gun will kick ass without changing the spring.
That's just because I was too lazy to go find a good spring and pay for it though.
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