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Foam in the Valley

New Milford, CT war

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Posted 14 June 2012 - 08:06 PM

None of this is final yet (but it probably is) It is a town park that I have reserved (we don't want to be tripping over girl scouts) and the paperwork just got done today. So all of this is pending the town boards approval.
Town has approved

Date: July 14, 2012
Time: 10-4(ish)
Where: Clatter Valley Road, New Milford, Litchfield County, Connecticut
(Sorry, I am unable to find an address, however, it does appear to be one of the few places that google maps actually gives good directions to)

View this map with a detailed legend in a larger window.

The playing field is about an hour and 45 minutes northeast of New York city.

-Eye protection is mandatory.
-Don't be a douche bag
-All guns have to have a bright paint job, and an orange tip (orange duck tape will be supplied)
-No age limit, but if you are under 13 your parent has to stay
-Barrel taps allowed
-No overpowered blaster for normal rounds (singled Titans, etc.)
(as an add on to that, If you don't want to be shot point blank with it, it is probably overpowered)

(there are multiple pizza places and a McDonald's in the area if you don't bring food)

Dart restrictions:
no visible metal

What to bring:
-At least two primaries
-lots of darts (200 ish)
-Lunch or money for lunch
-Stuff to trade (within reason)
-A friend
-A good attitude


free for all
team deathmatch
capture the flag
there will be at least one round where people can choose to use whatever they want. other than that I am going to be strict about the "no banned blasters" rule

There might be porta-johns (but there probably wont be, because I am not paying extra for them)

-zx532 (and guests)


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