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Central Arkansas Nerf War

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#1 Jess



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Posted 22 May 2012 - 02:17 PM

Hey guys! I really haven't seen many Nerf wars in more southern areas. So lets get something started here! I know there are lots of Nerfers in this area. They've just never been organized!

Allsopp park
3786 Cedar Hill Road
Little Rock, AR 72201

Tuesday, May 29, 2012
Plan to arrive around 9:45- 10:00.
We'll probably be starting around 10:15. You can leave whenever.

What to bring:
A good attitude.
Nerf, Buzz Bee, and Air Zone guns. Anything that shoots foam, really. Be sure to have a backup.
Modded guns are allowed, homemades are not.
Any Stefans are cool except for death darts, those are no fun. Slugs, Domes, whatever. BB weighted ones are preferred.
A friend, or several. If they dont have Nerf guns, please arm them with your own before arriving. If YOU don't have extras, then I can supply a few. I thought it went without saying, but please don't show up without your own guns. We have actually had problems with this in the past.
Melee weapons! Bring whatever you've got. (Also, if anyone is caught pronouncing it "mee-lee" you will be beat down by everyone... EVERYONE. It's "may-lay" people, get it right.)

What NOT to bring:
A bad attitude.
A gun that could potentially hurt someone.
Death (tack) darts.
Guns painted all black.
Non-Nerf melee weapons. Any sword, axe, shield, knife or mace that does not say Nerf on it is automatically banned.

Game types:
I know we can fit in some of these, but I'm open to anyone's reasonable suggestions.
Double core
Team deathmatch
CTF (if flags are available)

I dont really have extremely strict rules. Just please dont go around shooting little kids in the face.
There is no age limit. But if you start getting annoying, you get a warning. If you continue, you can kindly GET OUT. Honestly, I really have no desire to boot anybody. So lets all be friendly.
Eye protection is HIGHLY recommended, but I'm not going to throw you out if you're not wearing any. Just keep in mind that there will probably be "that guy" who wants to purposely shoot you in the eyeball... from five feet away.
DO NOT SHOOT PASSERBY. And don't scare the living crap out of them either. There will probably be people walking or riding bikes.
Anybody can trade anything if they want too. Just keep it civil, people.
If it was not intended by Nerf to shoot darts, than it will not at this war. It means Titans shoot rockets, BBBs shoot arrows. Got it?
Everybody will be there to have a good time and hit people with foam. Don't be the douche pickle that ruins that.


There is a Sonic up the road a little ways, we may be able to take a break and grab a burger and/or ice cream. So bring some cash.
I would like everyone to participate in dart sweeps.
My moderators and I are not your babysitters.
We don't really need mobsticles or anything. There are enough trees and bushes. Great for ambushing and being ambushed!
If no one from NerfHaven shows up, I could really care less. My friends and I will be there, and so will friends of friends, but it would be great to have a crowd. In other words, don't worry about it being like a totally empty war. It won't be.
I'll try to answer questions in the comments, or you can email me.
I'll post some pictures if I can get some.

See you there!

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#2 Legotron



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Posted 15 August 2014 - 08:58 AM

Did this work out at all? I'm thinking about doing one in Northwest Arkansas, but I don't know who would turn up.
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