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Mod Ideas For All Pump Automatics.

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Posted 29 May 2004 - 10:08 AM

Okey, I'm pretty sure most everyone here has heard of the beast, a PVC backpack tanked PC. What I would not be surprised to know, is that most of you do not know that it was a little bit of a failure. (did that make any sense?) well, here's a backpack tank idea that may work a little better.

1: go out and buy a truck tire's innertube.

2: attach a pressure guage to the tire. (somehow)

3: also attach a high pressure hose to it. (somehow)

4: attach to the high pressure hose, a paintball gun valve.

5: attach to the paintball gun valve, a regulator. (you can attach this directly to the tire, and replace the high pressure hose with vinyl tubing, and keep your origional trigger. if the regulator will regulate stagnant pressure. (read the package to find out))

6: using vinyl tubing, bypass all the other innards of the gun and hook it up to the firing mechanism.

7: break out the dremel and epoxy.

8: put the regulator and paintball gun trigger in the gun, and secure them.

9: put the gun back together

10: NERF!

notes: I believe for this mod, a welder's regulator will regulate stagnant pressure. Also, a fire extiguisher valve may work to replace the paintball valve. But, the biggest problem with this mod, is that anyone will look like a dork running around with a tire on their back.

this next mod is about the same, just on a smaller scale:

1: do the same steps as the first mod, except, use a little kid's bike tire inner tube. (10-12" diameter) and, if you don't inflate it to more than say, 35psi. (It's a guess, since I don't know what the tolerances of those guns are.) you don't need the regulator, or the paintball trigger. Also, since it's so small, you can put it on, mabey, your belt, or the side of your gun.

the final mod is the simplest and least invasive.

1: go to the store and buy a tire stem valve.

2: put it in a 1/2" PVC end cap.

3: put a 2" section of PVC in that end cap

4: put another end cap on the other end of the PVC.

5: attach vinyl tubing to the PVC. (I'd sugjest, drilling a hole in the other PVC end cap, insert a brass adapter into the hole, and epoxy/plumber's goop it in.)

6: attach the vinyl tubing to the guns airtank.

universal notes: All of these mods allow you to pump up your autoguns with a bicycle pump, however, all the above mentioned mods work best when punped up with something like this

any questions, comments, red flags?
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