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Brass eagle tallon handle trace/template

For all your homemade wooden handle needs

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Posted 01 March 2012 - 09:09 AM

(I put this is the Homemades section since it's for use making homemade blasters)

So, nothing too fancy, it's a hand-traced picture of the Brass Eagle Tallon paintball gun handle that has been used on one of the original rainbows, and on one of my own personal ones. I was requested by a friend to trace it so that he could cut out a wooden version for a rainbow/SNAP/ect, over at our modestly sized, but quite happy facebook nerf group. Since then, it has been used / is being used by several other members. Since the reaction and use was so positive (relative to the number of people who post there and build homemades), I thought I'd just put it up for general use, in case anyone wants something other than the standard block-O-wood SNAP handle, or whatever. Assuming you print it out full-sheet on standard-sized printer paper (what it was traced on), you'll get it full 1:1 sized. Anyway, I hope people find this useful.

Posted Image

An example of the handle after being cut out and used on a Revshot, credit goes to the awesome homemades builder "Andtheherois", seriously, his work is awesome. (sorry if some of you cant see this one, as it's linked from facebook)

Posted Image

Edit: so it would seem the template I first put on Mediafire was the wrong extension. I have now put the picture into a .pages document on my Mac, selected the option to save it as a word document, then made sure everything was the correct size, including downloading it myself from mediafire to make sure it stays the same size. Everything seem to be working fine now, with the exception of the fact that while it displays at the correct size after download, it puts it partially out of the window for me so it looks like the bottom of the picture is clipped off. All I do to fix this is just click in the middle of the picture (not the borders) and drag upwards. Sadly I can't test print the .doc from a windows computer to make sure of how it comes out. In any case, unless you are trying to make an exact replica of the original handle, it doesn't make make a huge difference if the size is a bit off from the original, just use what every size is comfy. If you print it out and think you'd like it a bit bigger or smaller, just change the size of the pic from your computer in the document by dragging the sides of the picture (Windows computers can do that, right?)

Anyway, new revised mediafire template: http://www.mediafire...gy9n3krzyj8swbg

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Posted 01 March 2012 - 08:58 PM

soooo sexy.
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