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Marshmallow Rapidfire

Internals In Here

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Posted 07 January 2012 - 12:36 PM

Whole package.
Posted Image
Tank close-up.
Posted Image
Air Restrictor.
Posted Image

Opening it up is pretty basic except for the scope on top. I've never had much luck with the boiling water to loosen glue so I grabbed some pliers and twisted the endcaps. They stayed in one piece except for the little tabs. The lenses are glued to the shell, but everything's strong enough that you can just slide a knife in and twist to break the connection.

Anyways, the tank is all one piece so I won't be opening that up. I'm 90% sure it's backpressure, there's not a lot of travel in the trigger. The only a/r is the one on the end of the barrel. The barrel follows that wavy line up and down, so you do have to cut it off.

The barrel is way too loose for regular stefans, but perfect for megas. I got about 50-55 feet from cutting off the a/r. It puts out a ton of air, but the seal to the tank isn't ideal. To load mini-marshmallows you take the whole barrel out, pop off a cap on the end with some rubber that sits against the tank, and put it back in when its full. Unfortunately I didn't have any to test that part before I cut it open.

The area up top would be fine for integrations. The handles are nice and big, although the whole thing is smaller then a "real" Mass Effect rifle probably would be. With a paint job and maybe some leds it will look great though. The shell is open almost to the tank, so I'd like to put a breech on it, maybe use the top area to hold electronics.

I hope some more people got it while it was on sale, price is up to $40+ now Classic Rapidfire Shooter
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Posted 07 January 2012 - 03:52 PM

I saw the video for this, and I think the design would have worked better with a bladder, not a hard tank. It acts as more of a shotgun then an automatic, but if you're not going to keep it inlined, then it would work perfectly. Sad that it costs so much, I kinda want one.
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