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Langley's NerfHaven Survival Guide

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Posted 16 November 2011 - 12:32 PM

Edit: If you've just signed up and you're having trouble posting or activating your account, or you want to know why you're in the 'waiting' group and why your username appears in pink, you may want to read this post

If you're new, the best thing you can do is lurk. Read the forums until you understand how we do things here, and what is acceptable. If you must post right away as soon as you've registered, make it good. We ban a lot of new people around here for not following the rules, and unless you have something to offer, we will not make an exceptions for you.

Most of this falls under the general rules in the Code of Conduct, especially the first rule, "Think Before You Post." If you want to avoid the most common mistakes that lead to new members getting Banned, Warned, or Suspended, read this before you post.


  • Search for the answer before you post a question.
  • Spell-check your posts, and re-read them before you post.
  • Contribute to the community by making thoughtful, well-written posts.
  • Include quality photos and diagrams of your work to help illustrate your point. If photos are important to your post, wait until you have the photos uploaded and ready before posting, especially if you are asking for help with your broken or misbehaving nerf blaster.
  • Read the Code of Conduct, and the rules in any threads that are pinned in their respective sub-forums.


  • DO NOT Post in threads that have been inactive for more than a couple of weeks, unless you have a really good reason. (Even then, probably better to post a new thread)
  • DO NOT Post like you're in a chat room or sending a text message. (ie don't post ' u r a noob lol biggrin.gif ')
  • DO NOT Double post. Use the edit button if you need to add something, instead of posting twice in a row in the same thread.
  • DO NOT Post a 'which is best' thread, a 'what mods should I do to my [blaster]' thread, etc. Read the forums, make your own decision.
  • DO NOT Post a concept thread. If you have a great idea, try it out yourself first and let us know how it goes. If you need help with your idea, ask specific questions.  Show us that you put in some time and effort and gave it a try.  If your post is just you thinking out loud, it's going to get shut down. 
  • DO NOT Post Image Macros. Only Groove is allowed to post humorous images with embedded text, and photos of barely literate felines.
  • DO NOT De-rail a thread, drag the thread off topic, and especially do not get into a philosophical debate.
  • DO NOT Post just to plug your nerf website. Especially do not plug a non-nerf site.
  • DO NOT back seat moderate. If you think someone is breaking the rules, use the report button in the bottom left corner of posts to report it to an admin (this feature only available to full members). If someone asked a question that could've been answered with a quick search, feel free to help them out and link them to the information.
  • DO NOT post from your cell phone/tablet unless you can do so with the same level of quality you can when using a computer. Posts that lack photos when photos are expected, and posts with poor quality or bad grammar will not be excused because you are posting from a phone or other unusual device.
  • DO NOT try to buy/sell anything outside of the trading forum. If you're an FNG, you're not allowed to post in the trading forum. This is not an excuse to try to buy things in other forums.
  • DO NOT Post in the Off-Topic forum unless you can follow These Guidelines, however posting in Off Topic is not advised for FNGs
  • DO NOT use obnoxious formatting (colors, bolded text, fonts, large text) unless it is necessary to make your post clear. These tags exist for conveying information and emphasis, not for artistic expression. See the Style Guide for details if you are not sure.
  • DO NOT post video-only content. Include photos and text in your posts.

How to Search the Forums:
The best way to find something on Nerfhaven is to use google. To use google to search just Nerfhaven.com, you can use this Google Search Widget, or you can go to google, and add site:nerfhaven.com to your search terms. If you know what forum you want to search in, which user made the post you're looking for, or how recent the information is that you're searching for, you can use the forum's built-in advanced search feature. Additionally, the search bar in the upper right corner of every page will search all forums, the current forum, or the current thread depending on where you are and what option you select in the pull-down menu.

Common Questions: (read this before you post to ask any of these questions)

  • Which blaster is better? - Don't ask. This is an entirely subjective question with a constantly changing set of possible answers. Figure out what blaster is better for yourself. IF you ask this question you will be flamed, warned, and likely banned.
  • Are there any nerfers/nerf wars in [City, State, etc.]? - Before you post, check the schedule threads pinned at the top of the Nerf Wars Forum. There may already be a war in your area. Search for your state/province/country in the Nerf Wars forum, and if you don't turn anything up, then you can post a new thread asking if there are other nerfers in your area. Make sure you mention the name of the region in the thread title, and mention where you are specifically in the thread.
  • How do I modify [gun x]. Which modification for [gun x] is best? - Check the Modifications Directory and decide for yourself.
  • How do I make a homemade nerf gun? Which Homemade is best? - Check the Homemades Directory, read/search the Homemades Forum, and decide for yourself. See the General Homemades Reference Thread for an overview of useful information.
  • How can I make my own ammo? - See the Dartsmithing Tips thread for a guide to home made nerf darts.
  • How do I post photos? - Upload your photos to an image hosting site. Personally I use photobucket but there are lots of other options. In the posting/editing toolbar, there is an icon that looks like a photo of a tree. Click it and enter the url where you have uploaded your photos.

Where to post:

  • Coupons, discounts etc. - You can post about coupons and product availability in The Retail Coupons, Discounts and Product Availability thread, however this thread is in the Trading forum which is off-limits to FNGs.
  • Photos of Your Homemade Nerf Blaster - If you want to post photos of your homemade blaster, use the Homemades Picture Thread, but only post if you have photos, do not post to ask questions or reply to someone else's post. This thread is pinned in the Homades Forum
  • Photos of Your Modified/Painted Nerf Blaster - If you want to post photos of a Nerf or off-brand blaster that you have painted or modified, use the Modifications and Paintjob Pictures thread, but only post if you have photos, do not post to ask questions or reply to someone else's post. This thread is pinned in the Modifications Forum.
  • Guides and how-to articles - If you have a new mod, homemade, or other guide, then you are encouraged to post a new thread in the relevant forum, and post in the directory thread as well to help people find it. As long as you provide photos of the build process and instructions, and the guide isn't just a rehash of an existing thread, you are welcome to post a new thread. This sort of thread is typically called a "Write-up".
  • Welcome threads - On another forum. We get too many new people here for everyone to post a welcome thread. If you have something to say worthy of a new thread, that's fine, but otherwise, there is no need to introduce yourself.

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