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"classes" for NERF Wars

CoD/ Team Fortress 2 style stuff to add to NERF Wars

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#1 M4 Blade

M4 Blade


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Posted 05 November 2011 - 12:49 AM

I was thinking (and doing this out of boredom) that maybe NERF wars can have predetermined classes at the host's discretion (means THIS IS ALL SUGGESTIONS). Here's some TF2 and BRINK inspired classes for yeh:

Primary: Any AR or other such gun (Recon, LS w/o FG, etc.)
Secondary: Any gun lighter than the Primary (NF, Element, Firefly, etc.)
Other stuff: Tactical Vest, DT Vest, Stonewall Sword (as a combat knife)

The front linemen, the Trooper is the all-rounder class for any NERF war.

Primary: SMG or MP-like weapon
Secondary: Any handgun
Other stuff: "Revive Syringes" (medicine or baby syringes; PLEASE NO HEROIN NEEDLES!!!), some kind of Medical ID.
The Medic can revive other downed players or revive them, depending on the context of the game and what "death" rules apply.

Primary: Vulcan chaingun or Stampede LMG
Secondary: Buzzsaw, Titan Launcher, or other heavy weapon.
Other stuff: Tactical Vest, sandwich (explanation below), fairly large build.
The Heavy is the stereotypical massive man who uses heavy guns. For added fun, you can have a rule where if the Heavy eats a sandwich, he can become invincible for 30 seconds. XD

Primary: Any gun, save for heavy weapons.
Secondary: Same as Trooper
Other stuff: NERF grenades, homemade Caltrop grenades (ask for recipe ;) ), other creative NERF explosives and deplorable traps.
The Engineer is the one who you'd see if you want a room clear, a flanking position cut off, something built, or something blown up. (Note: DON'T USE REAL 'SPLOSIVES!!!)

Primary: Longshot, Longstrike, Boltsniper FAR, or other such loser rifle.
Secondary: Handgun
Other stuff: Some kind of camoflague, binoculars (for spotting), a long attention span.
The loser is the unseen killer behind a heavy-as-Hell's-hand loser rifle. Just a heads-up: the don't typically miss.
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#2 catmods



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Posted 05 November 2011 - 02:31 AM

I was thinking.... Here's some TF2 and BRINK inspired classes for yeh:

Other stuff: Some kind of camoflague, binoculars (for spotting), a long attention span.

It sounds like you've never gone out and had a war before. getting hits from 100' is a challenge, let alone 150'+. If you can't see someone from these ranges, you really need to put your glasses back on. Nerfing is about getting ridiculously close to someone, dodging a big blast shot and hitting them with your night finder. If you want to sit around and try to get hits from those ranges, you should probably switch to airsoft.
As for the topic of actual "classes", why? It simply means hosts have to check everyone else's gear, not only to safety check (ie plugged missile blast), but to check everything falls into a "class". If you want to see people using a bigger variety of guns, simply tweak the rules. Down here, we got a few people to have a small skirmish, and everything went better after we switched to 3 hits, no extra lives and no gun/head shots. We haven't done much else in years. My point is, don't just think about it. Go out with some friends and have fun. You'll figure out what works and what doesn't.

(On a side note, the typical "AR" here are guns like the BBB, PAS and crossbow if they are incredibly lucky. Nerfers tend to lean more towards range and accuracy over jamming every other shot, and anyone using a non overhauled recon is going to get pegged by the guy with a 5/8 titan. If you want to be taken seriously on this forum, never mention the recon. It's that bad.)
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#3 Demon Lord

Demon Lord


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Posted 05 November 2011 - 02:48 AM

If you want to incorporate classes or the idea into a war you're hosting, go ahead and do so. However for classes that have worked well in the past in different game types take a look at the most recent MANO war threads and check out there classes. Those ideas will help you tweak your idea.
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#4 canuck



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Posted 05 November 2011 - 06:53 AM

It's been said before, and I will say it again.

We are not a MilSim community. We do not have special tactics or training. We are fucking kids playing with TOYS that we have tweaked here and there.

Go play paintball or airsoft if you want MilSim.

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We don't have military tactics or specialized training. We're fucking kids playing with plastic guns trying to tag each other.

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Posted 05 November 2011 - 09:24 AM

I was thinking....

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#6 Langley


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Posted 05 November 2011 - 11:12 AM

The Heavy is the stereotypical massive man who uses heavy guns. For added fun, you can have a rule where if the Heavy eats a sandwich, he can become invincible for 30 seconds. XD

I don't even know what to say to this. How old are you?

Please don't make any more suggestions until you've actually attended a war hosted by NH members.
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