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Vulcan battery replacement

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#1 socal



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Posted 02 July 2011 - 04:01 PM

I just got a second Vulcan for 1$ and I decided that I really didn't want it to weigh 8 pounds like it does stock, so I did this mod.
This is in NO WAY an original mod. many people have done this but i have not found a write up of it.
Also you must know how to solder and read all of it before trying
Currently i do not have a charger for this battery so I cant test it out.


Screw drives
dremel(or something to cut plastic)
soldering iron and solder
Wire cutters


Vulcan battery tray
RC battery and connector( you could use a lot of different ones)
I used a 9.6V
Posted Image

Modifying the tray

First take the battery tray
Posted Image

Then flip it over and take out all the screws
Posted Image

When your done it should look like this
Posted Image

Now dremel away the center so like this so you can fit you battery ( avoid cutting the two wires because you need them)
Posted Image

Now your it should fit like this
Posted Image


Completely cut the black wire off but ONLY cut the red off the back NOT the front.Then solder the black wire to the point on the front like this.
Posted Image

Then solder the red to red and black to black. it should look like this.
Posted Image
Now put it back together and your done.

Posted Image

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#2 KeiichiRX7



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Posted 05 July 2011 - 12:43 PM

I think i can one-up that with a pair of 7.4 volt Lithium Polymer packs, and plans for a 3rd. Lipo's a bit more mainenance intensive though, and more expensive, but it is a great deal lighter than NiCad or NiMH, and also dangerous to mistreat! stick to NiCad if you don't want to worry about battery packs bursting into flame when mistreated.

The Tray, currently configured for a pair of 7.4 lipo packs. Oddly my tray and my roommates trays are different.
Posted Image

My other roommate holding the Vulcan with the LiPo tray, he uses it each week at our indoor nerfouts, and has customized the outside to his liking.
Posted Image
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Capt Slug thinks this thread is idiotic. Why did any of you seriously reply to this?

Why so serious?

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