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N-Strike vs Dart Tag


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#1 Timega



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Posted 30 May 2011 - 01:36 PM

Everyone has the recon, but now we have the Speedload 6.
Then I thought about the raider, but now there's the Quick 16,
So I wanted to do a forum where everyone gives their opinion about
which series or gun they think is better to mod, cooler, gets better ranges and etc.

Some of the match ups I found where:

Maverick/Recon vs Speedload 6
Raider vs Quick 16
Swarmfire vs Stampede(?)
Sharp Shot vs Scout/Nitefinder
Hyperfire aka DTB vs Firefly
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#2 Geekonator



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Posted 30 May 2011 - 02:28 PM

It's kind of stupid to be comparing two different blaster series because
they were made to be different from each other. You can't say that one gun is
better to mod than the other because modifying Nerf blasters is all based
on imagination and the will to do it. This is just stupid to be comparing
guns over mod capability, especially just after most of the ones you listed
are new from Hasbro.
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#3 utahnerf



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Posted 30 May 2011 - 06:16 PM

So I wanted to do a forum where everyone gives their opinion about
which series or gun they think is better to mod, cooler, gets better ranges and etc.

For the least work and the highest reward, range-wise, I would say the BBBB. But the most fun? I love the Hunter. It is so damn fun to use the bolt. BUT, I have found that homemades are the most rewarding of all. More of an accomplishment in my opinion.
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#4 Irish8



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Posted 30 May 2011 - 07:30 PM

Some blasters that I really enjoy are:

Longshots- I know some people can't stand them but I have an affinity for them. I love the way they look and all the variations that can be done to them.

Quadshots/Tripleshots- They're relatively simple, cheap, and reliable (at least in my experience). I haven't made an Octoshot because I don't really feel the need to. When I mod them I try to make them easy to prime (I only add a Longshot spring) because my friends and I use them for rushing. They are easy to mod, prime, and most importantly, easy to reload while under fire.

SNAPs/Americanized R3Ls- Like Utahnerf said there's something really special about taking a bunch of assorted plumbing components and turning them into a blaster. It's always great when you choose how the WHOLE blaster goes together and not just what you can do with something pre-made.

BBUMBs- Since in my neck of the woods we no longer get 4Bs this is the cheap airgun I use. $15 is a steal for something you only have to put a barrel or RSCB on and get upwards of 90' and only takes 30 mins to mod MAX. It's also great for, if you're talking to that cute girl you know and she thinks it would be fun to come to one of your wars. Keep in mind that most girls won't have an easy time priming a suped-up springer(not to mention doing it all day), BUT they will have no problem pumping one of these and nailing you 60' away. It might take longer to prime but it is dirt cheap for being a more-than-worthy primary.

Hope this rant helps fuel the fire.

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#5 Langley


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Posted 01 June 2011 - 09:11 AM

...although I don't see it explicitly in the CoC, threads which boil down to "which is best?" comparisons usually don't last very long on Nerfhaven...

Don't post unless you have something to say.

Don't ever under any circumstances post a ``which gun is best'' thread.

Not everything is explicitly spelled out in the CoC. You are expected to work out what is or isn't okay to post by reading the forums and having at least a modicum of tact and self-awareness. Writing out lots of explicit rules would only invite argument over the details and interpretation of the rules. If you don't have the common sense to work all of this out on your own, you don't belong on NerfHaven.
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