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Pennsylvania Foam Frenzy

April 2

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Posted 21 March 2011 - 08:43 AM

My friend A.C.E. on NRev asked me to post this here for his upcoming war in April. For the most part this is a direct copy and paste from his thread.

Date: April 2
Location: The location will be Peace Valley Park:
230 Creek Road, New Britain Township, PA 18901. Within the park, the war will be held at pavilion #1. Hopefully you will find it upon your arrival.
Pictures and video of the war area will be added closer to the war date!
Time: I find 10:00am is always a good starting time. At 10 sharp we will go over game types/rules. It ends at 5:00pm.

Here are the rules:
1. There's loads of parking space so make sure to park only in the designated areas- not on any fields!
2. Any garbage goes in the trash cans- there ARE trash cans at the park, so it shouldn't be a problem.
3. Basically just be respectful and don't act like an ass and you'll be fine.
4. There will be a break for lunch time- it will be around 12:00.
5. No camouflage at the war please. This isn't airsoft: everyone can still see you! haha, but seriously, no camo.
6. As for gun bans, there are none. But I would like to ask if you have a gun that fires 100' flat or more, only use slugs.
7. Cover up all your brass barrels!
8. black and silver on your paint jobs are fine, so long as the primary color on your gun is bright and non-realistic (blue, orange, yellow, etc). Any blasters that I decide look too realistic will be covered in orange e-tape.
9. gun hits count.
10. if you are too close to someone that you might hurt them with your blaster, yet too far to tap them, shout "surrender". If they don't, you have all the permission in the world to face-diddle them!
11. Eye Protection- I don't care how old you are- if you want to participate in this war, you have to wear eye protection.

Game Types:
2 team deathmatch
2 team deathmatch primaries only
2 team deathmatch pistols only
defend the core
defend the jungle-gym (for all the JSNO people who know what this is)
Squad death match (3-4 person teams)
gunslinger heaven

What to bring:
$$ and extra blasters for trading purposes!
two or more primaries
roughly 200-300 stefans
springer pistol
Packed lunch
Change of clothes
Eye Protection
A friend

Attendance List:
A.C.E. +2 or 3

The +3
Andtheherois +1

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