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Nfx2 Handcannon

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#1 The lord of fish

The lord of fish


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Posted 28 December 2010 - 07:50 PM

saw louie make a double stacked L+L, I liked it, but I don't waste time machining plastic, I barely have enough time for making guitars now. I also like how people stress how precise cuts are very good, but nothing to fight over who buys whose +bow. It really doesn't matter who has the most precise cuts, it matter whose lasts longer. If the only thing to boast about is clean cuts but not an original product you probably should leave.

a Broken NF
Glue that doesnt suck.

I already have showed how to make a NF rifle, so thats what we will start out with in the beginning.
Posted Image
Open that awesome thing up.
Posted Image
Posted Image
Take a broken NF and cut around the catch area, your cuts have to be super clean(LT stefan precise) or else it won't work [/sarcasm]
Posted Image
Line it up and start hacking away at the ridge so the catch can slide up and down.
Posted Image
Keep hacking away
Posted Image
super clean precise cuts yo.
Posted Image
Now you need to measure roughly how far you have to space the catches and then glue them together.
Posted Image
Once glued, place in the respective places and screw the top shell first.
Use epoxy putty to connect the catches, and use solvent weld to glue the plunger tubes together, using e-putty for more support.

Ranges: I get two shots from each plunger, both shot the average 120ish (slingshots, probably 100 with slugs) my NF rifles usually do.

Notes: I don't have this gun anymore. No I will not do these for commissions, why bother.

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#2 kidame tomanaka

kidame tomanaka


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Posted 28 December 2010 - 07:57 PM

looks unstable. maybe you should epoxy the barrels together.
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