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Wrist Blitzer Repair Documentation

Because it's something else we can learn

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Posted 24 July 2010 - 10:59 PM

Note: I notice that this gun is not yet in the Internals Directory. Please update that, at your leisure.

The Wrist Blitzer is actually my favorite gun. Ignoring the more recent Spiderman guns, it's one of the best weapons I've ever used. Great fir Assassins games, excellent for emergency rush defense, and a good way to mix up Nerf War combat (I've chased down and defeated strings of people with a lightsaber before, and bringing a wrist shot out of nowhere on the other guy with the sword or the almost-ready to fire primary simply makes all the difference in the world). 45-50 feet off your hand is no laughing matter.

Unfortunately, at the last Columbus OH war, it broke. These are the two main pieces left of the plunger.
Posted Image

So a fix is needed. Let's open up my other WB, shall we?

The Wrist Blitzer is basically a Hidden Shot blaster strapped on, with a unique trigger.
Posted Image
Take out these 4 screws, and lift the flexible plastic off with the cover.

Posted Image
Here we have the plunger tube, which via a small airway wraps around to the barrel (obviously replaced here with CPVC). There's a tiny catch, which is uniquely triggered.

Posted Image
The plunger is a rod within a tube (a ~9/16" OD, ~1/2" ID tube, fyi). Pulling the orange piece puts the whole thing in position, compressing the spring. Pushing it makes the inner rod push up the catch, and your dart is off to its target.

Posted Image
Now for my fix: I decided to use scraps of brass leftover from my first angel breech attempt. Given the above measurements, I settled on 2 ~3" pieces of 19/32" brass, one on each side. Thin enough in width to both not interfere with the catch groove AND be a bit aways from the plunger tube's guiding ridge (this ridge runs down the whole backside, opposite the catch side). Filling in the main hole near the catch is 9/16 and 17/32 brass pieces, stacked on each other and attached underneath the relevant 19/32 brass. Mind you, all of this is done with 2-part epoxy, so it should hold.

Now all I had to do was dremel out grooves in the casing for the 19/32 brass to slide out, and the gun was once again working like new.

Some things to consider/extra info:
-The PT measures about 49/64" ID. Just in case you really wanted to know or try a better seal - the stock one isn't 100%.
-The stock spring fits basically perfectly, with just enough extra space on the inside to squeeze in my repair job. Spring replacement really isn't an option here.
-Given the plunger rod measurements, one could conceivably build an entirely new rod for this, if the breakage was more serious than in my case.

That's all for this piece; I'm now seriously considering efforts to make a "SNAP Blitzer" of sorts, or at least to draw up plans in the near future.
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Posted 26 July 2010 - 08:54 PM

*cool stuff*

That's pretty cool stuff man; I still have a WB sitting around somewhere; always meant to do some stuff like yours with it, just never ended up doing so as it's somewhat bulky on the wrist. However given this, I'm a little more motivated to experiment.

Nice work.
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Posted 27 July 2010 - 10:50 AM

Nice. My WB broke in the same manor. I super glued it back together but I will try the brass strips. Thanks. oh
And the wb is my favorite too.

I upgraded the strap to a large nylon web watch strap.
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