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Wmno, Western Missouri Nerf Outing

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Posted 11 July 2010 - 04:25 PM

WMNO, western missouri nerf outing.
When: Near the end of august On a Saturday. 10.30am-5.00pm, we will discuss a date and get back to who is coming.

Where: 11922 E 75 St, Raytown, MO, united states 64133

Hosts: hockeyfights118 And Dantheman98(nerfrevolution.)




Eye protection is mandatory.

Don't be a douchebag. If the strength of the weapon is considered to be excessive we reserve the right to "spot ban" it.

No titan's

No tack darts (A.K.A-deathdarts)

No guns that shoot over 200 feet.

No darts heavier than a nerf ball. Stefans must have a rubber, glue, cloth, or foam cover.

All darts and guns will be inspected thoroughly, no jutting out spikes on guns---use your head guys, and remember that these are toys--lets keep it that way!

The only shields that will be permitted are Manta Rays and Crossfire Shields

Barrel Tapping is allowed however, your gun MUST be locked and loaded to tap--A tap from 5 feet away is nicer than being shot, wink...wink.

Do NOT bring anything painted all black. We REALLY don't want the cops called for someones stupidity!

Things To Bring:

Money for trading and selling and a few guns to sell.

A primary+backup

A secondary+backup

A friend

Ammo- at least 200 darts. I will be using stock darts.

Water or Gatoraide

A packed lunch (we'll have a short ass lunch break)

Your "A" game!!

Your best list of excuses why you got tore up!

We Will discuses game modes.....


The park is pretty big, There are 2 fields and 2 play grounds. And a baseball field.

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I love nerf.

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